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Meet Irina!

7 Dec


Irina enjoys the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life. She has been a yogi for 15 years and a reiki practitioner for 4 years. Her business is providing Kundalini yoga classes and Reiki energy healing to clients. Kundalini Yoga is similar to other forms of yoga by its series of postures and poses, but it incorporates more dynamic motion, breathing and meditation. Reiki is a healing technique that uses light touch to various parts of the body to ease physical and emotional discomfort. Helping people feel better is very important to Irina, and if she could have it her own way, everybody would be living the best life that they possibly could, devoid of emotional and physical pain. Irina’s roots also account for her holistic and spiritual approach to life—she was brought up in an atheist family in the Soviet Union during the Communist era. Her interest in this field is a part of her own deep need to seek a part of life that she never grew up with and help those around her overcome depression and life difficulties.

Irina originally joined EWI as a mentor for other women, but soon realized that she too had a dream to start her own business and EWI’s course seemed like a comprehensive and helpful program to become involved with. Irina states that her favorite part of the program was that every week, despite the lesson plan or the chaos, there was always at least one moment when a mentor or facilitator reminded the students how much potential they had. “I have taken away that being an entrepreneur is a journey, and not an easy one. It is so much easier when I have a group of supportive fellow entrepreneurs helping me along.”

Her goal is to one day create a community wellness center that incorporates different modalities such as psychotherapy, yoga, massage, and reiki. She wants her business to be a nurturing place for both the staff and the clients. Irina’s loves the number of interesting, conscious people that she comes across in her business, who are constantly integrating more and more into the community here in the Washington, D.C area. The business speaks to Irina’s core and is a field that she wholeheartedly enjoys.

We are touched by Irina’s passion for her work, and highly recommend her to all those in need of spiritual renewal and yoga meditation.

– Mina Alemzadeh
 Alexandria ETS Intern


Ourania, Inc. – Featured Artist: Sabrina

1 Jun

Sabrina is a self-taught jewelry maker and astrological enthusiast. She uses semi-precious gemstones and configures them into beautiful necklaces that represent a person’s birth-chart based on their time and date of birth. Sabrina began making the necklaces as gifts for family and friends during the holidays.

Sabrina discovered Empowered Women International’s Entrepreneur Training for Success while browsing the internet for job opportunities. As soon as she read about ETS, she knew that it was something she needed to part of in order to advance her business idea and begin selling her unique necklaces.

“I have learned many things from EWI, but first and foremost how to see myself as a business woman and entrepreneur. How to feel confident in saying that to people when introducing myself and sharing with others what I do. EWI has truly molded my business out of my personal hobbies and passions, solidifying them into a coherent mission statement. EWI has shown me how to brand myself and envision my business, Ourania, as an extension of myself. It has helped me hash out my goals and lay down a timeline in which to accomplish them. “

Upon compeleting ETS, Sabrina plans to continue to develop and expand her business. She plans on expanding her product line, investing in higher quality materials, and broadening her market. In addition to making her unique beaded jewelry, Sabrina has explored developing her own yoga sequences associated to each zodiac sign. Sabrina has learned about astrology through her own research and has participated in and taught yoga classes and continues to incorporate this into her larger vision of Ourania, Inc.

“I hope to see the flourishing of my start-up, to continue to manifest my vision which I charted on my vision board, and I hope to see opportunities and seize them.”