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EWI in the Community: Speaking at the New Neighbors ESL classes

7 Nov

Today we were given the opportunity to speak with the charming students of the New Neighbors ESL classes, at Christ Church in Old Town.  It was a great chance for us to extend our services to some of the newest immigrants in Alexandria.

At 10:30 sharp, Perri, Mina, and I began with a dazzling presentation; extolling the virtues of our wonderful organization.  With strong diction and poise, Perri delivered a knockout punch of a speech, that left the students on the edge of their seats.

Our table was soon swarmed with beaming eyes and bright minds; and in a flash, our pamphlets were gone!   It was great to see so much ambition, even through the barrier of language.

All in all, we felt our presence was very well received.  Hopefully we will see many of their faces in the coming ETS classes. Special thanks to Susanne O’Neill for arranging the event. For more information about New Neighbors ESL classes, see their website at www.campagnacenter.org

Till our next adventure…

– Jeremy Brandt-Vorel
Media and Outreach Intern


Fall Inspirations

19 Oct

Here at EWI, we are all excited to welcome in the fall season.  From hot cider, to changing leaves; EWI is eager to fall into the season…

Perri’s favorite things about fall are… Leg-warmers, pumpkin pie, mocasins, colorful leaves, apple cider, and babies in halloween costumes!

Alexandra’s favorite things about fall are… Michigan State Football, apple cider, donuts, pumpkin ale, changing leaves, scarves, boots, pumpkin picking, berets, and Michigan State Football.

Mina’s favorite things about fall are… Homecomings, gourds, the “crispness of the air, the crunchiness of the leaves,” scarves, pumpkin ale, bonfires, apple picking, embers dissipating into the cool fall air, and camping.   “I love fall, it’s my favorite season”.

Charlia’s favorite things about fall are… sweet potato pie, hay rides, beerfests, haunted houses, apple-bobbing, leather jackets, long sweaters, and fried turkey

Jeremy’s favorite things about fall are… football season, rum and cider, watching movies, hot-tubbing, bonfires, and less sweating.

Mary’s favorite things about fall are.. the vibrant colors of the leaves, chill in the air that makes you pull out your scarves and hats and boots, the different styles of fall, wind changes, rustling of the leaves, and the spooky-ish autumnal aura.

EWI attends IMPACT 2012

5 Oct

On October 3rd, four members of the EWI team had the pleasure of attending “IMPACT 2012: Innovation + Philanthropy”, as presented by ACT for Alexandria.

ACT for Alexandria is a private-non-profit that seeks to raise the level and effectiveness of community engagement in the Alexandria area.  Through IMPACT 2012, they were able to set an agenda for “innovations in philanthropy and strategies for building the capacity of non-profit organizations” in the community.  The event included workshops, luncheon, and a keynote address by CityBridge Foundation President Katherine Brittain Bradley.

Two of our attendees shared their wonderful experiences…

Impact 2012 was a wonderful eye-opener into Alexandria’s rich range of non-profits doing extraordinary work people are doing in our community. One of the main things I learned from the breakout session “Building Your Organization’s Cheering Squad” was that every person, from board to staff to volunteers to friends, can and should be ambassadors for the organization. Tapping into why they have chosen to be a part of the organization is a way to harness their capabilities and talents. Liberating from the fears of “fundraising”, people actually start fundraising whether they realize or not! As people joked, maybe we’ll all start hearing the term “Ambassador-ing Campaigns” instead.”

-Mary Louise Marino
EWI Program Manager 

“The ACT Summit was one of my first conferences for work, and I really enjoyed it. After the captivating keynote speaker, Catherine Bradley shared her insight on how to improve the D.C. schooling system, the attendees broke out into smaller sessions. The “Building Your Organization’s Cheering Squad” session introduced certain roadblocks, such as time, competition with other organizations, asking people for money, lack of connections, etc. which were then met with viable solutions that could help combat these struggles. The panel stressed how the prospect of raising funds can be a daunting task for some, but reframing the mission and adjusting it to the individual’s preference can still be just as effective in the long run.”

– Mina Alemzadeh
EWI ETS Intern

Perri, Mary, Alexandra, and Mina at IMPACT 2012.

Special thanks to Katarina Price Photography

Lunchbreak at EWI!

28 Sep

Charlia and Jeremy chow down on some chicken wings at Virtue Feed and Grain

Charlia eating some ribs from Bittersweet

Melinda with some Fish and Chips

Mina enjoying some gelato from Killer ESP

Charlia eating a balloon

Latte and Pulled Pork BBQ pie from Killer ESP


Perri enjoying her beverage at Killer ESP


Mina got a little carried away with her red-velvet-cake-gelato…