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Steel Magnolias Review

6 Nov

A Touching Story with an Empowering Message, Group Therapy’s Production of Steel Magnolias was a Hit! This adaptation of Robert Harling’s original 1987 stage-play featured an all-female cast to portray the six heroines living in a small Louisiana town.  Centered onTruvy’s Beauty Spot, these women gathered regularly to share their triumphs, tragedies and celebrate love and family. With no scene changes and the absence of male characters, these empowered women shined bright as their individual stories unfolded in the Mecca of femininity, the hair salon. As I intently watched the play, I also noticed that the audience laughed and cried, clearly as moved by these sincere portraits of strength and compassion as I.

“I was incredibly impressed by the performance; it was both a treat and a pleasure to attend opening night!” EWI Nonprofit Development Intern, Melinda Allen said of the production.

The show shared many memorable messages. A quote that stood out to me came from Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie when she exclaimed, “I’d rather have 30 minutes of something wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special!” Lucky for us, we had 90 minutes of something spectacular!

Hosted in Alexandria’s Convergence Sanctuary, which formerly housed the EWI office, this weekend-long enactment donated all proceeds to EWI and contributed to fundraising efforts  for our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary Benefit.

– Charlia Acree
Rockville ETS Intern


EWI welcomes Jeremy!

14 Sep

Jeremy Brandt-Vorel, Social Media and Community Outreach Intern

As our organization grows, so too does our staff.  That’s why all this week we will be highlighting a new member of our team.  Today, we would like to welcome our new Intern of Social Media and Community Outreach, Jeremy Brandt-Vorel.

Jeremy is serving as the Social Media and Outreach intern for Fall 2012.  Jeremy is a recent graduate from Christopher Newport University with a B.A. in Communications, as well as minors in Studio Art and Spanish.  Having close family ties overseas, and frequent opportunities to travel abroad; an organization that serves an international cliental is of particular interest to Jeremy.  He hopes to be able to more fully appreciate the tribulations of his own immigrant relatives, as he helps refugees and immigrants in his local community.  With academic concentrations in Communications and Art, Jeremy hopes to be an integral part of the EWI team. Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys boardsports, fishing, and film.

As the Social Media and Outreach Intern, Jeremy will work hand in hand with the EWI team to better promote the organization through online media.  Jeremy hopes to help create a greater online presence, so that more people in the community can benefit from the work of EWI.

EWI welcomes Charlia!

13 Sep

Charlia Acree, Entrepreneur Training for Success Intern (Rockville)

As our organization grows, so too does our staff.  That’s why all this week we will be highlighting a new member of our team.  Today, we would like to welcome our new Intern of Entrepreneur Training for Success, Charlia Acree.

Charlia Acree is the Entrepreneur Training for Success Intern (Rockville) for Fall 2012. She is a recent graduate from University of Maryland College Park. She majored in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. During her undergraduate career, she co-founded two student organizations, the Black Communication Society and the Black Psychology Association, both aiming to assist underrepresented students connect to their respective departments and provide them with resources and tools for academic and professional development. Charlia has worked for Estee Lauder and PANDORA Jewelry, both of which contributed to her helping women look and feel beautiful. She is passionate about supporting women and encouraging their goals and dreams. Charlia brings her Public Relations training and experience with marketing, branding, strategic planning and sales to Empowered Women International.

As the ETS Intern for the Rockville class, Charlia will work closely with the trainer to coordinate classes, activities, and assignments. She will build and maintain strong relationships with the students and mentors and ensure that the semester runs smoothly for everyone.

EWI welcomes Melinda!

12 Sep

Melinda Allen, Non-Profit Development Intern

As our organization grows, so too does our staff.  That’s why all this week we will be highlighting a new member of our team.  Today, we would like to welcome our new Intern of Non-Profit Development, Melinda Allen.

Melinda Allen is a graduate from University of Mary Washington where she received a BA in Art History with a focus in the contemporary arts.  While attending UMW she was involved in many campus activities, including Student Leadership Program, Orientation Leader, and Art History Major Representative.  She also has first-hand experience with a variety of artists as she has both interned and worked at galleries, including C24 Gallery located in the artistic hub of Chelsea in New York City.  Melinda is excited to learn more about the non-profit sector for the arts as well as the opportunity to aid impoverished women.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.

As the Non-profit Development Intern, Melinda will assist with research, fundraising, and proposal writing while working alongside the EWI team to help build the organization.  Melinda is particularly excited to be a part of the 10th Year Anniversary of EWI that marks not only how EWI has come in just a decade, but recognizes all of the graduates of EWI.


EWI welcomes Mina!

11 Sep

Mina Alemzadeh, Entrepreneur Training for Success Intern 

As our organization grows, so too does our staff.  That’s why all this week we will be highlighting a new member of our team.  Today we would like to welcome our new intern of Entrepreneur Training for Success, Mina Alemzadeh.

Mina Alemzadeh is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, with a major in Foreign Affairs and minor in Studies of Women and Gender. While at UVA, she was active with Take Back the Night, a weeklong campaign that raises awareness about sexual assault and dating violence. Before EWI, Mina served as a casework intern for International Rescue Committee (IRC) and is thrilled to broaden her experience with business entrepreneurship in a multicultural setting. Her other interests include traveling, music and the outdoors.

As Entrepreneur Training for Success intern, Mina will be working with clients each week in the EWI course, which will enable them with the skills and tools needed to manifest their business vision. She will also be in the office each week, assisting with outreach and communication between clients and the staff.

EWI’s Social Media Intern looks back on a not-so-average internship!

15 Aug

Photo by Ernesto Rivera

My friends and I have all heard the horror stories passed down from intern to intern of hours spent at the photocopy machine, the impossible-to-please supervisor and the endless list of mindless tasks (“If you could change the font of all these documents from Arial to Times New Roman that would be great, thanks.”)

If those stories represent the stereotypical internship, I can say with confidence – and a lot of relief – that the time I spent with Empowered Woman International was everything the typical internship is not. Since the beginning of December when I first started working as an intern, I’ve tried my hand at so many different projects and processes within the organization. From grant research to data organization to building furniture (we got a crash course on IKEA construction in June), there is no lack of variety in the tasks I was assigned to, and I was always encouraged to take the initiative if I saw an opportunity to start something on my own.

One project that I would have never imagined spearheading was the coordination and scheduling of EWI’s social media. In fact, if you had asked me in November if I felt comfortable publishing a blog post I would have given you a blank stare or redirected you immediately to someone a little (OK, a lot) more tech-savvy. Little by little, I was introduced to WordPress, Pinterest, Razoo, Flickr and all of the other web platforms we use to keep the organization running and spread the word about what EWI does, and now I feel 100% (you guessed it) empowered!

EWI’s social media strategy is still in the works and I can’t wait to see what the next intern will bring to the table! As for me, I have one more semester of school left, but when the time comes I can enter the workforce with a clear idea of what I’m good at, what I enjoy doing and how these skills will benefit a potential employer. Professional life aside, I feel as though I’ve really grown as a person after working with such an energetic, creative team and talking with so many talented artists! All my thanks for such an awesome opportunity!

– Liz, Social Media Intern, Summer 2012

Learn more and apply for internships here.

Our summer ETS intern reflects on her time at EWI

3 Aug

Photo by Ernesto Rivera

Today marks my last day as the Entrepreneur Training for Success summer intern at EWI, and I think it’s fitting to write a blog post about my wonderful experience this summer. I could not be more grateful to have had this opportunity to work with the dedicated group of women that keep EWI going and growing.

My passion lies with non-profits and specifically those working to serve and empower women and girls in the U.S. and around the world. Through my university, I was introduced to a summer program with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, which assists students in finding internships in the DC metro area and offers academic courses to take while interning.

Through the Washington Center, the opportunity to work as Empowered Women International’s ETS intern presented itself, and I had an immediate sense that was just the type of internship I had been hoping for. From my first day at EWI, I was welcomed as part of the team and given meaningful jobs that have kept my days exciting and busy throughout the summer. As the ETS intern, I have had the unique opportunity to work closely with the ETS program as the spring 2012 class ended and with management of the new applicants for the fall 2012 ETS classes. From sitting in interviews to organizing applications, I am thrilled to see how the women in the fall ETS classes grow their businesses and become empowered women, as the women in the spring did! I have also had great opportunities to research new topics, and I have seen the value of community outreach for non-profits like EWI.

One lesson that stands out to me from my internship with EWI is a confirmation of a Margaret Mead quote that I keep near to my heart. She said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” From my time working with EWI this summer, Mead’s words certainly seem to be true, as EWI changes the world by empowering women artists and creative entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to see how EWI continues to change the world for years to come, one woman at a time.

Sallie with interns Teal and Hellina at the EWI Spring 2012 graduation!

EWI would like to thank Sallie for her hard work, and while we would love to have her bright smile and sunny personality around permanently, we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the field of non-profit work and female empowerment!

EWI’s Marketing Intern tells her story

9 Jul

Nadia Salazar has been working with us since the beginning of the summer and has brought a whole new perspective on the immigrant experience thanks to her background in psychology and her own journey from Bolivia to the United States at a young age.  We asked Nadia to describe the other important journey in her life- the one that brought her to where she is as a young, empowered woman.  Here’s what she said:

Nadia at the ETS Spring Graduation

“A wise man once told me, ‘we all have our own portals in life,’ that was my father. I took me a very long time to realize which portal was mine, which one was my calling. I started off by trying to become a lawyer, however, as I began to take more courses and get acquainted with people who are part of this circle I realized that it was not for me. As I had to choose classes to fulfill my electives at school, I decided to take Psychology 102 along with Ceramics. When the classes began I found myself genuinely interested in both subjects. Along with going to school, I had some family issues at home, and as a result I found myself depressed, sadden by the fact that I could not do a thing to help the situation. I finally found peace in drawing, I was in a place where nothing mattered just what I felt and whatever it was I could put it in a piece of paper and surpass the situation by facing it.

At this time, one of my classmates had been going through an ongoing treatment for depression and bipolar disorder; all the medication had completely changed her. Her situation brought me to an “epiphany,” I wanted to still change the world but at a different level, I wanted to help the less fortunate, those who are born with a “disadvantage” and with this to end the stigma of mentally disabled people. I heard of art therapy from the same close friend, it opened a new door for me. I became interested instantly because it combined the two things I love the most, Psychology and Art.  And then it came to me, my calling, to share this with everyone who needs it. Art therapy by far had been the one thing I solely believe in, it is efficient and it is not expensive, it does not require you to take ridiculous dosages of synthetics which contain tremendous side effects. This changed my life, I transferred to UMBC in Spring 2012, since then I have been part of the Student Ambassador Program, Psychology Student Association, Student Event Board and I currently work as a student employee at the office of student services. My grades increased from a 2.5 to a 3.75, making it to the Dean’s List for the first time in years. I now know that this is why I am here, in this world, to devote myself to helping those in need.”

Are you interested in art therapy as well?  Learn more here!

Member Spotlight: Hye Ryung Hwang, Outreach Intern

26 Jan

Hye Ryung Hwang recently completed her fall 2011 Outreach Internship with Empowered Women International.  Hye is from Korea and was studying through the Washington Center for her fall semester which gave her the opportunity to  intern full time with EWI.  During her internship she was instrumental in creating tagging and signage for EWI’s Micro-Enterprise products, assisting in maintaining all pr materials and took full management of PR packet production, conducted marketing research, wrote blog postings, aided in the recording and facilitation of the Center for Financial Empowerment, and marketing events.

Rena stated in reflection about her time as an intern with EWI:

Hye working on completing a sale order

“This fall semester, I interned at a non-profit organization, Empowered Women International. I was an outreach intern, working specifically in the field of Multi-Cultural Arts program and Micro Enterprise program. During my internship, I researched similar organizations, business strategies and marketing skills which could help women artists to promote their products. I also wrote blog posts, marketed events using social network services and on various websites. In addition to the above, I prepared events and created PR materials.

By doing these jobs, I achieved some goals that I wanted to achieve during my stay in the United States. I developed great research skills, and writing skills by writing blog posts. Also, I improved communication skills while working with various people. I learned how to work as a team and how to strengthen and make teamwork more effective. Overall, I learned the importance of responsibility by doing an internship at the unique organization.

Hye with Aida Dedajic and Sara Ahmed

The thing I liked about working as an outreach intern and at Empowered Women International was that I got chances to learn about business and hands on experience related to it. I major in international relations, and I do not have a lot of opportunities to know about business as the world now emphasize it a lot.  Also, the most important thing was that I actually had chances to meet women artists who are in difficult circumstances which made me more motivated and know why we should be civically engaged in our society. By working at a small non-profit organization, I learned about actual difficulties they are facing, and paid more attention to related issues which became great experience and asset for me that I gained this semester.

Rena continued, “This unique experience has changed my attitude and vision of the wider world. I learned a lot, not only about myself and my goals that I wanted to achieve, but also about diversity of the world through the experience as an intern at Empowered Women International.”

Hye Ryung Hwang is a junior at Korea University in Korea. She majors in English Literature and International Relations. Before working with EWI, Hye Ryung volunteered to help others in Korea and the Philippines, and she is very interested in human rights.

EWI would like to thank Hye for her dedication and commitment to Empowered Women International during her internship.  We wish her much success in her studies and in all her future endeavors!

Thank you to Zufan, EWI’s Wonderful Summer Intern!

10 Jun

Originally Posted on August 24th, 2010

Zufan Tilahun Abebe joined the EWI staff this summer in an internship position, through the organization Liberty’s Promise. She is 16 years old and a rising senior at T.C. Williams High School.


Zufan was born in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and lived there with her family until coming to the United States in 2007. Zufan has been assisting our organization with outreach in the Ethiopian community, events and sales, jewelry design and production, and various office work.


In school, Zufan has been on the honor roll for all disciplines. She most enjoys math and physics, which will serve her well when she achieves her dream of attending the University of Pennsylvania as a pre-med student. Zufan plans to become a surgeon and practice in the United States, while going back to Ethiopia frequently to volunteer her knowledge and medical skills.


She has received award letters from the Virginia House of Delegates and the City of Alexandria, as well as a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ethiopian and Eritrean Club.


We are excited that Zufan will continue her involvement with us during the school year after her internship has ended. She has become a talented jewelry maker and will be able to sell her work through EWI.