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Item of the Week: Red Peruvian Seed Bead Key Chain

14 Feb

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Red key chain handcrafted from Peruvian seed beads with abstract silver elephant pendant. Statement making way to keep track of your keys!

Perfect for Delta Sigma Thetas!

Peruvian-born Evelyn Brooks is a graduate of EWI’s Training for Success program. She has received much press and recognition for her efforts in fighting poverty by giving proceeds of her jewelry sales to local and international causes. Evelyn has built a profitable arts business that provides work and learning opportunities for over 10 people each year. She also teaches at-risk youth and women ex-offenders jewelry-making and marketing to build confidence, self-esteem and re-enter in the society.

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EWI Artist Evelyn Brooks is Hiring!

25 Jan

Recognized & award winning jewelry designer and EWI graduate, Evelyn Brooks of Washington, DC, is looking for a jewelry sales assistant!


We are looking for someone who can multitask,  loves fashion design and has a talent for making crafts. Being a very proactive self starter with a lot of attention to detail. Someone friendly, outgoing, with a positive attitude and eager to see themselves growing with our company. Sales background will be a plus.

This is a part-time position, 1 to 3 days a week (8am-2pm). Preferably for someone who has their own transportation. Legal to work. This position is to work at the Bethesda Naval Hospital one week a month (1 – 3 days a week 8a-2p)

Send your resume to evelynmbrooks@comcast.net

Min to start $10 (plus commission)

Vist Ebrooks Designs to see more of her work, or visit our online store to view her beautiful Red Peruvian Huayruro Seed Jewelry!

Member Spotlight: Evelyn Brooks

4 Nov

Evelyn Brooks is making a difference in the world one design at a time. She is committed to social responsibility and uses her jewelry line to spread awareness about global issues. A native of Peru, Evelyn traveled the world with the airlines industry prior to becoming a designer. A critical point in her life came on September 11th, 2001. Evelyn was due to fly on the United Airlines flight 93, but was rescheduled to fly one day earlier. As result of this profound experience, Evelyn firmly believes she is living her life as she is meant to by using her talents to help those in need.

Although Evelyn’s father was a jewelry designer, she never expected to follow into his trade. But after her father asked her to design a piece from a box of rubies and sapphires he gave her for Christmas, Evelyn was hooked. She and her husband Bryan launched Evelyn Brooks Designs in October 2004. Since then, Evelyn has used her jewelry to advance the causes of various global issues. She supported environmental conservation by designing pieces for the Green Cup Polo and fought poverty as the exclusive designer for the 2007-2008 Fashion Fights Poverty line of charms. She also uses her jewelry to help her native country, and many of her designs are influenced by Peruvian art and culture.

Evelyn hand-crafts her pieces using precious metals, gemstones, and huayruro seeds from the Amazon. These red or red and black seeds are a signature Evelyn Brooks design. Huayruro seeds represent good luck, protection from negative energy, and happiness. The solid red seeds, which carry feminine energy, are complemented by the seeds that are red and black, which carry masculine energy. Evelyn also designed a men’s jewelry collection in 2010, featuring intricate geometric designs influenced by the Moche civilization of ancient Peru.

Evelyn’s talent and commitment to social change have won her many awards. She was honored as a “jewelry designer of rare talent” after receiving the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Dialogue on Diversity Entrepreneurship Conference in 2010. She was awarded the 2010 Fashion Chamber Choice Award by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and was named an Entrepreneur on the Rise in 2009 by Council Magazine. Evelyn graduated from EWI’s 2007 Entrepreneurship Training, and received the Outstanding Artist Achievement award by EWI.

Evelyn continues to use her jewelry business to fight for global issues. EWI applauds Evelyn for the positive work she is doing with her unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry!

To view more of Evelyn’s work or to purchase an item please visit our Etsy Shop.

To learn more about Evelyn’s work, visit her website: http://www.ebrooksdesigns.com/index.html

EWI Artist Graduate Evelyn Brooks Design’s to be Sold Nationwide!

26 Jul

“EWI gave me the confidence to continue growing my career as a Hispanic American jewelry designer” -Evelyn Brooks

Empowered Women International would like to celebrate the recent success of 2007 Entrepreneur Training for Success Program graduate Evelyn Brooks. Evelyn Brooks Designs will be featured nationwide in Uno Alla Volta’s online and mail order catalog!  Uno Alla Volta, is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage through the sale of their unique offerings crafted from artisan from around the world.  They pride themselves in offering treasures that are intricately handcrafted uno alla volta (one at a time).  Evelyn Brooks beautiful hand crafted collection fits perfectly with this mission and spreads the artist’s work to customers across the nation!  Evelyn prides herself in her native Peruvian culture and believes that there exists an enigmatic sense to everything in Peruvian art and her beautiful hand crafted pieces reflect this.

 Evelyn graduated from EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success Program in 2007.  Evelyn stated “My experience with EWINT has been a gift from GOD. EWINT is part of my life, my family and my destiny. Taking the training for entrepreneurship  class was just the beginning of my professional career as a jewelry artist, without my portfolio I wouldn’t be able to introduce myself to galleries/boutiques interested in my work.”

Evelyn continued, “When I came to this country and started my jewelry career I met a wonderful woman named Marga Fripp, who I consider my mentor and someone who is providing opportunities for artists who are serious about taking their art professionally to the next level. EWI is always creating new programs and improving existing programs, to help more inmigrants like me, making their dreams come true.”

“Now my work is going nationwide through Uno Alla Volta catalogs. Last month I was recognized as one of the most active and prestigious entrepreneurs within the US Hispanic Business Community by Latin Vision New York. Next month my work will be available at the prestigious Baltimore Museum of Arts, The National Building Museum of Washington DC and  Spanish Art in Sacramento California.”

In addition to Evelyn’s expansion nationwide she was awarded the Fashion Chamber Choice Award of 2010 and the Young Entrepreneur Award of 2010.  Congratulations to Evelyn Brooks and to the continued success of her business and career as an EWI artist!

Visit Evelyn Brook’s Website to learn more about the artist and her work.

View or purchase Evelyn Brook’s work at EWI’s Online Store.

Kudos to Three of EWI’s Award-Winning Members

11 Jun

Originally Posted on August 24th, 2010

Congratulations to Evelyn Brooks, Nina Tisara, and Sharmila Karamchandani for their recent accomplishments and awards! All three women are long-standing EWI members, as well as graduates of our flagship program, Entrepreneur Training for Success.

Evelyn Brooks, the owner of Evelyn Brooks Designs and a graduate of our entrepreneurship training program, was recently honored by the Dialogue on Diversity with the Champion Young Entrepreneur Award 2010. More





Nina Tisara, a graduate of EWI’s entrepreneurship training program and Director of Living Legends of Alexandria, launched her 2010 “The Gathering of the Legends” photography exhibition at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery, 2704 Mt. Vernon Avenue, in Alexandria, from August 6 – 22, 2010. The opening reception took place on Friday, August 13, 7-10 pm at Del Ray Artisans Gallery. The exhibition, which features photographs of 30 of Alexandria’s recent history makers, was conceived while Tisara was an EWI student. More




Sharmila Karamchandani, a graduate EWI’s entrepreneur training program and talented artist and educator, was recently recognized as one of the best instructors at the ITT Technical Institute.








Hats off to Evelyn Brooks and Kate Campbell Stevenson!

10 Jun

Originally Posted on June 19th, 2010

June 8, 2010 — Congratulations to Empowered Women International’s member and graduate, Evelyn Brooks, and organization’s Board of Directors Chair, Kate Campbell Stevenson, for their recent achievements and recognitions!

Evelyn Brooks, one of our Training for Success graduates, was recently awarded the Fashion Chamber Choice Award 2010.

Peruvian-American Evelyn Brooks was recognized for her contribution to the fashion and apparel manufacturing industries in the United States.

Kate Campbell Stevenson, EWI Board Chair, who was selected from a pool of 400 candidates as one of two delegates from the State of Maryland to participate in theVision 2020 “Declaration of Equality.”

Vision 2020 is a decade long national project focused on advancing gender equality by energizing the dialogue about women and leadership.

Strathmore’s Guests Loved Empowered Women!

9 Jun

Originally Posted on October 7th, 2009

Oct. 7, 2009 – EWI just returned from a wonderful specialty tea event at Strathmore in Rockville, Maryland. EWI graduate artist entrepreneurs, Evelyn Brooks, Sushmita Mazumdar, Kata Witorsh and Rabia Naeem Pervez sold handmade books, jewelry, holiday gifts and silk scarves, and shared their success stories with the participating guests. Munit, another EWI graduate artist performed live Ethiopian Jazz and enchanted the audience with her soft, yet vibrant voice.

At the end of the reception, several guests came to commend EWI for taking art to another level. Not simply exhibiting women’s artworks for esthetic or functional purposes, but to directly empower and support new American women in their journeys to integrate, become self-sustainable and participate as active citizens in our economy and the community.

Heartfelt thanks to Betty Scott, Education Program Coordinator and Mary Mendoza, Tea Room Manager for inviting us to be part of this special program and supporting our outreach efforts and entrepreneur programs for immigrant and refugee women and families.

EWI women artists in an exhibition and performance at Sewall-Belmont House

8 Jun

Originally Posted on July 21st, 2009

July 29, 2009 – A collection of artwork highlighting women, international perspectives, and the sharing of cultural views, ideas and aesthetics is opening at the Sewall Belmont House in Washington DC with a special opening reception on July 29, 6-8 pm.

Sewall-Belmont House &

Empowered Women International


A Tribute to Women Artists as Change Makers

Wed., July 29, 2009, 6-8 pm
Exhibition Opening Reception, Performances & 
Multicultural Artists Market Place

Sewall-Belmont House
144 Constitution Avenue, NE
(next to the Hart Senate Office Building)
Washington, D.C. 20002

The Life Lines, Adelina Perez del Castillo Photography, 11 x 14

Original Art
Eco-friendly Jewelry
Art Gifts 

by Emerging Immigrant, Refugee &
American-Born Women Artists

Designs by Evelyn Brooks

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Women Ex-Offenders Empowered through Art

7 Jun

Originally Posted June 10th, 2009

STRONG Training – Sisters Trained to Reach Opportunities and Nurture Growth a 10-week pilot training program provided women ex-offenders with jewelry and book-making art therapy and vocational skills, leadership, advocacy and business skills under the guidance and mentoring of EWI immigrant women artists and community leaders.

On May 22, 2009, 10 ex-offender women of the Friends of the Guest House graduated from STRONG Training. The program was hosted by the Guest House and provided by EWI artists, staff and mentors. The project was funded through a grant by KI Services.

The project originated after the Executive Directors of Empowered Women International, Friends of Guest House, and KI Services met several times to discuss ways to support each other’s efforts and collaborate on a project where the immigrant women artists will teach art and mentor ex-offender women served by the Friends of the Guest House and KI Services.

Most of the ex-offender women served by these organizations are recovering from substance abuse, so the need for positive activities and like skills was determined to be the key empowerment approach. Many of the women assisted by Guest House have a difficult time securing jobs, especially in the current economy. Re-entering in the society is not an easy task. Learning that they have creativity and skills they can use to make a living, participating in the economy and th community, it’s been absolutely empowering.

Handmade Jewelry by Catherine Lewis

STRONG Training – Sisters Trained to Reach Opportunities and Nurture Growth was designed as a 10-week pilot training program to provide women ex-offenders served by the Guest House vocational, life skills, advocacy and business skills under the guidance and mentoring of our artists: Sush Mazumdar, handmade books and Evelyn Brooks, jewelry designs. Ann E W Stone, women’s advocate and entrepreneur, Debra Chandler, financial advisor and Marga Fripp, art marketing coach and President of EWI participated as guest speakers and mentors in the program.

During the program women learned to make jewelry and tell their stories in handmade storybooks and gained leadership and marketing skills which boosted their confidence and self-esteem.  During the program, STRONG women visited the Prison Foundation’s Gallery and learned about the amazing art created by incarcerated people. Dennis Sobin, the President of Prison Foundation shared his personal journey and success story as an ex-offender and inspired women to follow their dreams and seek creative solutions to their challenges.

The project culminated with a special reception hosted at the Guest House where women presented the artwork made in the training and shared their triumphs and learning experience.

Dennis Sobin, Prison Gallery, Guest House Participant and Marga Fripp, EWI

Friends of Guest House is an organization that offers assistance to women who sincerely want to improve their lives when released from confinement and seek to break the cycle of incarceration. KI Services educates and assists communities of color in response to disparities in health care delivery.

STRONG Women Project is a project collaboration of Empowered Women International, Friends of Guest House and KI Services. Thank you to The Prison Foundation for sharing their art, services and journey with the STRONG women, and to all dedicated artists, speakers, staff of the partner organizations and volunteers who made this project possible.

May 1 – Marga Fripp Spoke to John Hopkins Women’s Network

7 Jun

Originally Posted on May 28th, 2009

May 1, 2009 – A wonderful community of approximately 250 women in science and health, members of the John Hopkins Women’s Network got together to celebrate their accomplishments while learning about issues immigrant and refugee women experience in their journeys to integrate and acculturate.

Marga Fripp spoke about EWI’s empowering model that uses the arts to give voice to immigrant women and communities and create economic opportunity and a strong civic participation for newcomers. Six EWI artist members showcased and sold their art and designs at this event.

The Johns Hopkins University Women’s Network (HWN) is an organization established to improve the status of women, and thereby the human climate, in all divisions of the University. The HWN identifies and takes a leadership role on issues of concern to Hopkins women, fosters professional development, and provides networking opportunities through educational and cultural activities.

Evelyn Brooks, Rabia Pervez, Sush Mazumdar, Kate Campbell Stevenson, Marga Fripp, Kata Witorsch and Priscilla de Lima


“Marga’s keynote speech and the EWI art for sale were the highlights of the 22nd Annual Hopkins Women’s Network Annual Luncheon held on May 1, 2009.  250 Hopkins women professionals from all four divisions of Johns Hopkins were brought to a new awareness of the isolation of immigrant women as they arrive in the U.S.

Marga, your firsthand account of your own journey as a new American was reinforced by the personal stories of your artists in attendance. You are a compelling and engaging speaker. We received overwhelming feedback from attendees that this luncheon was by far the most interesting and thought-provoking one to date, thanks to your involvement.

Hopkins strives to be a welcoming and inclusive environment and you’ve shed new light on how we can practically contribute to that goal. I know you received many eager offers of help from our members in mentoring and donations.  The Hopkins Women’s Network is proud to be associated with Empowered Women International and commend your phenomenal outreach and educational programs.”

Barbara J. Williamson, Johns Hopkins Women’s Network, APL Chair

Barbara Williamson and Kate Campbell Stevenson

“Marga you are once again an inspiration for many years to come for many people to live. When you were up there talking I am sure everyone noticed it was coming straight from your heart. It was absolutely mesmerizing. You delivered some dense messages through beautiful simple words making it transparent and obvious for us to recognize them. And even now if people don’t understand, then we really do have a problem.  Thank you for the gift of you!”

Silence of the night

Echoes in my mind

Memories mesmerize me

Leaving me twined

The past confronts me

All settled and lined

Every single moment

Is one of a kind

I enjoy the mood

Like an orange rind

Some of the pieces

Now hard to find

All is clear

Nothing is blind

Yet simplicity of life

Complicates my mind

Rabia Naeem Pervez, EWI Artist

EWI Storybook artist and writer, Sush Mazumdar also wrote an inspiring story after the event: “Daffodils and Dandelions”.

The story has it that, ” Coming out of the Kossiakoff Center after the Johns Hopkins Women’s Network Luncheon, I noticed this bit of landscaping that had been forgotten. Or missed. I was surprised and stopped to get a better look. It was raining and my arms were weighed down with bags and boxes full of my storybooks that I had had on display there. But I had to stop and get a better look. It was raining and my arms were weighed down with bags and boxes full of my storybooks that I had had on display there. But I had to stop and get a better look.

There, right next to the spent bunches of daffodils in the garden outside the building, were dandelions standing tall, and swaying. They had flowers and those cool “puffballs” as my kids and I call them. I had no idea that they can grow as tall as the daffodils! Fortunately or unfortunately, little girls pick the beautiful yellow flowers off the meadows and lawns (“For my mommy,” my preschoolers friend had said, just yesterday, picking up two flowers on the way to the playground) so we don’t often get to see them fully mature and grown to their tallest. And then there are the weed killers and landscapers who don’t like them around. They prefer the familiar and beautifully showy daffodils that announce spring’s arrival with their wonderful display.

Except that my mind was still full of Marga’s talk, about immigrants with PhD’s from their countries who silently drive taxis here, handicapped because they do not speak much English. And moms who stay home in isolation telling their children stories of their childhoods elsewhere. And so I saw the dandelions. And so I stopped. Thank god for the landscapers who forgot to weed that bit of garden.”

Evelyn Brooks, Jewelry Designer

Pricilla de Lima, Photographer

Kata Witorsch, Jewelry Designer

Rabia Pervez, Silk Art and Designs

Sush Mazumdar, Handmade Books and Art

Marga Fripp and Gwendolyn Boyd, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory