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Meet Winter!

28 Nov

Winter is an artist who’s background is originally in fashion designing, a survivor, and a woman who possesses many talents. Winter’s current passion lies within creating allergy sensitive and nutritious sweets and desserts that are accessible to consumers of any age or location.

Winter has been waiting for the right time and setting to launch her “date butter” product. She understands the difficulties that those with food sensitivities face when going out to eat, and she finally wanted to create a product that could please anyone’s sweet tooth, while at the same time retaining nutritious and beneficial qualities.

The EWI program was first introduced to Winter by a successful graduate who heard her story and saw her potential. Winter had explained to her the skills she possessed and her future goals, and the EWI graduate encouraged Winter to apply herself by joining the program.

Winter’s favorite moment in the program thus far was during the meet and greet session where she was able to hear alumni and mentors speak about their experiences, and also their words of encouragement, self-confidence, and reassurance. This is where Winter heard a mantra that she continues to repeat to herself, “I believe in me, I BELIEVE in me, I believe in ME.”

“What I enjoy most about my business is the look of joy and surprise when people taste my foods, and knowing that they are consuming foods that are not only good for them but taste good as well.”

Winter believes she has gained the determination, skills, and confidence that she needs to be a successful entrepreneur. Her goal for the future is to have a full line of organic sweetened desserts accessible in national and local health food and grocery stores.


Student Spotlight: Elda and Lyzbeth

26 Sep

Imagine a world in which baked goods are currency… Where, instead of bank vaults, there are bank ovens… Wallets are discarded to be replaced by tupperware… In this world, Elda and Lyzbeth are queens; the richest women in the world…

But until this dream of mine comes to fruition, these two ETS students will have to make due with their wonderful smiles, and delicious cake pops.


The story of Elda and Lyzbeth’s baked goods begins in Latin America…

Lyzbeth grew up in Peru, and attributes her culinary skills to her mother.  She recalls the parties her mother would prepare, with sandwiches, appetizers, drinks, desserts, candy, cake and much more. Similarly, Elda remembers her childhood in Mexico, where her mother would take the reins and put out lovely displays for each party.

Upon coming to the United States, the women settled down and started families of their own.  Soon, they were assigned the task of birthday duty for their own sons and daughters.  The two recall having to buy different cakes for different children, and often feeling the homogenous selection of cakes was just sub-par.  Elda and Lyzbeth became disappointed in American culture,  noticing a lack of birthday-party preparations, and citing mothers as being “too busy” to properly furnish each event.

Elda LARUE family photo Lyzbeth Monard family photo

Then the idea occurred to them, why dont we cater birthdays.  Why dont we provide a service that is too often overlooked in this bustling American society.  So, Elda and Lyzbeth began practicing, researching, and creating beautiful cakes and baked goods for their friends and family.  The two felt a “magic” in each cake, and would celebrate after each beautiful accomplishment.  Soon enough, the culinary duo were comfortable enough to act upon the suggestions of their loved ones, and begin a business of their own.

Lucky for them, Lyzbeth had a friend in the ETS program at EWI.  They saw her business grow with the help of EWI, and aspired to find the same success.  Through the ETS class, Elda and Lyzbeth hope to be able gain a better understanding of the market and how to sell.

Elda Larue & Lyzbeth Monard /Cakes

“…Every time we did a cake and delivered a product, it [was] so much fun to see their faces, the reaction in people, it is really like, ‘hey we did something good’, and it makes us feel good inside, and if we can achieve that every single time and go bigger, I think that would be wonderful – it helps us inside, helps us monetarily, it’s like the whole package”.

Here at EWI, we know these two women CAN and WILL succeed. We are so excited to have them in our ETS class, and we look forward to watching them grow and prosper.

Best of luck, Elda and Lyzbeth!

-Jeremy Brandt-Vorel
Media and Outreach Intern

EWI at Ten Thousand Villages Event, Saturday September 22

18 Sep

Join us

for an evening celebrating women artisans in Alexandria and around the world.

A percentage of sales will benefit Empowered Women International.

Recent EWI grads will be present to share their stories.

Come shop, learn, and mingle with a purpose…

Saturday, September 22

7-10 pm

Ten Thousand Villages

915 King St

Alexandria, VA 22314


Please RSVP to a Ten Thousand Villages staff or volunteer, call 703-684-1435.

Or email outreach.alexandria@tenthousandvillages.com

See you there!