Your Skills + Their Dreams = EMPOWERMENT!

18 Nov

Look who will be at EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace!

The marketplace is a unique shopping experience for holiday gifts and  a crowd-sourcing platform for engaging customers in providing ideas, connections and services that support local businesses.

Sunday, November 24th
The Whittemore House
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
(near Dupont Circle)

Angela copyAngela Sargent
AIA Designs


Not one to sit around waiting for opportunities, Angela Sargent creates her own! From writing to knitting, she puts her talents to good use.  The knitting skills learned from her grandmother were put to good use in 2007 after she lost her job. Realizing that her crafts should be shared with others, she started AIA Designs and set up shop on Etsy.  Angela could use some help with business financing and social media branding. Is this the type of expertise you have?  If so, come out to EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace to let Angela know how you can help her move AIA Designs to its next phase!


Kamila Barbour
Barbour House Publications


The frustrations that Kamila Barbour experienced when she picked up Islamic books and saw the poorly done illustrations led her to create Barbour House Publications. She knew that her design talents could provide better illustrations, as well as offer an encouraging outlet for Islamic writers, artists and designers to promote their own work. Barbour House could benefit greatly from a partnership with a business savvy and passionate individual. Financing is very important to the beginning stages of a business. Can you help? If these resources are something that you could help Kamila with, then EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace is a great place to start sharing your resources with Barbour House!


Mariana Alvarado
LunaMar Jewelry Collection
Mariana and Sergio Alvarado

Mariana’s father Sergio started crafting jewelry, sculptures, and other objects by hand in Mexico City more than 30 years ago. This jewelry making venture is a family affair, as she and her father work to create one of a kind pieces. Mariana would love to turn her passion for creativity and jewelry into a viable business and you can help her do it!  The 1st Annual EWI Holiday Gift Marketplace is the perfect place for small business experts to share their knowledge while shopping for the holidays. From basic start up advice to the best way to partner with galleries, Mariana could really use your help!


Sharmila Karamchandani
Artist, Designer & Art Educator

Freelance_Graphic Design_Sharmila

Meet Sharmila, a creative force who hopes to use her artistry to open an art school one day.  Sharmila uses her creativity to practice henna painting at art festivals, designs jewelry and creates graphic art.  As a graduate of EWI’s Entrepreneur Training for Success program, Sharmila possesses a solid foundation to turn her dream of art school into a reality. However she could use the expertise of a business professional to help her solidify it.  Do you have contracting skills? What about an overflow of graphic design projects? Even better, are you good with numbers?  Any of these skills and resources could help Sharmila be well on her way, come shop for a cause at EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace and get to know Sharmila and how you could fuel her dreams!

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Written by Veronica Hughes, a freelance writer with a passion for global women’s issues and social justice. You can learn more about her over at her blog, Lifestyle and Thoughts


Good Things Come to Those Who…Come Early!

15 Nov

IMG_0095evelynCome early to EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace on Sunday, November 24, 2013 at The Whittemore House, from 11AM-5PM. First 100 guests will receive one of Evelyn Brook’s special Peruvian seed charms at the door!

What makes these little seeds so special? Why not join us on Sunday with a friend, or two, and find out for yourself! You won’t regret it!

To learn more about Evelyn Brooks please visit,

To find out more about the marketplace please visit us at

ETS Student Nicole Segovia Bridging the Gap

14 Nov

During the last Entrepreneur Training for Success class, our aspiring entrepreneurs worked with their peers and mentors to develop their business concept. Sharmela Karamchandani, the Virginia Lead Trainer, encouraged the entrepreneurs to become “Level Three” businesswomen who own a business, rather than have a hobby, and use their profits to support their lifestyle.

ETS Mentor Eileen Kessler

ETS Mentor Eileen Kessler

I sat in on a small work group led by Eileen Kessler, a returning mentor who is also president and founder of OmniStudio, Inc, a DC-based creative and web development studio (who also redesigned EWI’s new logo and upcoming website!). Initially without the help of a translator, Eileen and one of the students were having difficulty understanding each other to share business goals and feedback. To my surprise, one of the other students, Nicole Segovia, jumped into the conversation and used her Spanish language skills to bridge the gap to everyone’s relief and delight.

I had a chance to talk with Nicole later. It wasn’t the first time Nicole had provided such a valuable service. Although Nicole once felt hesitant speaking Spanish in public, she gained confidence in her abilities after happening upon a desperate situation in which she could help. In another instance she retold to me, she was the only translator available when a Spanish-speaking mother in her neighborhood needed to call emergency services for the mother’s injured son. After an ambulance arrived on scene, Nicole left feeling as if she could use her skills and abilities to make a difference.


Nicole Segovia

Nicole is originally from Texas and learned to speak Spanish fluently while traveling through Mexico. She also picked up a passion during her journey – a love of cooking Mexican food. Already a week behind her peers, Nicole needed to formulate a business plan that featured her passion, but also addressed realistic concerns like her lifestyle and the business environment. Eileen recommended that she start by researching the industry to discover areas of opportunity. She could interview local café owners and caterers to learn more about their experiences and poll her community to learn about gaps in service she could fill.

Luckily, Nicole has an inspiring example in DC resident and fellow female entrepreneur Pati Jinich of PBS’s “Pati’s Mexican Table.” Like Pati, Nicole can begin to turn her passion into a successful business by building a strong story. She must consider her own unique background and look at her history with an eye towards her future.

For example, Nicole once worked in a  State Health Department’s food safety division. She witnessed restaurant inspections first-hand and learned how complicated health regulations apply to local businesses. This knowledge and experience may have seemed inconsequential before joining the Entrepreneur Training for Success program, but now Nicole can use it to her advantage as she builds her own business centered on her love of Mexican food. I’m looking forward to seeing how Nicole’s business plan develops throughout the semester!

A special thank you to photographer Hanadi Karara.

Written by Kimberly Barton, a guest blogger who’s a new Alexandria resident. She recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and is interested in local programs that empower, educate, and support women. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Shopping & Empowering at EWI’s Holiday Gift Marketplace

12 Nov

Look who will be at EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace!

The marketplace is a unique shopping experience for holiday gifts and  a crowd-sourcing platform for engaging customers in providing ideas, connections and services that support local businesses.

Sunday, November 24th
The Whittemore House
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
(near Dupont Circle)

Charmelle Clark
Creatively Charming

charmelleNo stranger to unconventional creativity, Charmelle Clark has been creating since childhood.  Using her imagination to create items ranging from scrapbooks to cross stitching, there is not a creative thought that goes undiscovered!  Charmelle has used her self-taught gift to start Creatively Charming, a customized stationary and scrapbook business.  The artistry placed into each handmade item is a gift within itself, so what is needed now is the gift of business resources to assist Charmelle with moving forward.  9319316889_b11075dda3An art studio that gives Charmelle a space to work freely and even hold workshops would be much appreciated. Assistance with marketing techniques and website development would do wonders. Or being connected with art festival organizers would put Creatively Charming on the right track! EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace is the perfect time to purchase Charmelle’s beautiful stationary and offer your resources!

Kudzai Gombakomba
KG Spotless LLC

KudzaiWith a degree in hospitality management under her belt and vast experience in the hospitality industry, Kudzai Gombakomba started a cleaning company that would challenge the standards of even the most discriminating clientele!  Kudzai has international experience from Zimbabwe to London and is excited about sharing her expertise through KG Spotless LLC.  Equipped with the basic business skills learned through EWI’s entrepreneur courses, she is ready to expand upon those skills in order to continue building a solid business.  If you could assist KG Spotless LLC with marketing endeavors such aKGSpotless logos website maintenance and designing gift vouchers, then please come out to EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace to help Kudzai further her path to financial freedom.

Caryn Reitkopp
Paws for Peace

CarynMeet Caryn Reitkopp, a lover of all living things. Not only does she love animals, but she loves children and teaching. Her desire to connect these passions in order to make the world a more humane place fueled the creation of Paws for Peace. Paws for Peace use animal themes and puppets to teach children compassion. Through the use of literature, puppets and classroom songs, Caryn has created a business that will teach kids how to appreciate and respect others in the world.  Caryn offers direct classes, parent workshops and teacher workshops and she would love to take her business to new heights with your help.  Caryn Paws for PeaceEntrepreneurial skills such as business accounting, web and blog design as well as solid marketing tracking methods can elevate Paws for Peace. EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace is a great way to connect with Caryn and find out just how useful your skills can be.

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Written by Veronica Hughes, a freelance writer with a passion for global women’s issues and social justice. You can learn more about her over at her blog, Lifestyle and Thoughts

Hear Marga & Kate at TEDx Bethesda Women!

11 Nov

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 12.22.52 PMkate-stevenson

TEDx is coming to Bethesda! EWI’s founder Marga Fripp and Kate Campbell Stevenson, EWI’s former board chair, are in the line up of powerful speakers for TEDx Bethesda Women.“Sassy: Lively and Spirited” will be explored by riveting women, focusing on women and about women’s issues. Jane Smith, owner of Still Sassy and ETS alumn, is the inspiration and lead organizer for the event.

December 5th, 2013
9:30A.M. – 4P.M.
Imagination Stage
Bethesda, MD

Buy your tickets here!

What is TEDx? TED brings together the world’s leading thinkers and innovators to share their ideas on a wide array of subjects including design, science, entertainment, business, development, and technology. TED speakers spark thoughtful discussions, make connections and get people talking. TED created TEDx, a local and self-organized version of the annual event with the goal of exposing their global audience to smart local thinking. TEDx Bethesda Women is one of many TEDx events happening around the globe on December 5 that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDWomen.

“Our TEDx Bethesda Women’s line-up is a buffet of talents, struggles, lessons learned and bodacious risks. Each presenter will enlighten us with her unique style, story, and strength,” Jane highlighted.

We are incredibly excited and honored that both Marga and Kate have been invited to speak at TEDX Bethesda Women!

Don’t miss out on this powerful event. Seating is limited! Tickets are $100 for a full-day of presenters, including lunch, networking and more!

See you there!

Look Who’ll Be at the Holiday Gift Marketplace!

6 Nov

The marketplace is a unique shopping experience for holiday gifts and  a crowd-sourcing platform for engaging customers in providing ideas, connections and services that support local businesses.

Sunday, November 24th 
The Whittemore House
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
(near Dupont Circle)

Mariam Mohamed
Bahari Creations

Miriam Mohamed

Miriam Mohamed

Tanzania native Mariam came to the U.S. with an independent and creative spirit.  She married her textile experience with her creative hunger to create handbags made from the East African fabric, kanga.  The handbags are as versatile and beautiful as the cloth they are made from.   In order for Mariam’s handbag business to prosper, she needs the expertise of a business minded individual like yourself, who would know how to help her copyright her designs and ideas.  Surely, someone knows a good supplier from whom she can purchase zippersScreen shot 2013-10-31 at 4.55.19 PM and closures.  Last, but not least Miriam could use a good marketing expert to help her package her handbags and sell them to boutiques and yoga studios.  EWI’s 1st annual holiday market is a great place to meet Miriam, see her lovely handbags and help her take her business to the next level.

Dinelles Sakyi


Dinelles Sayki

Dinelles inspiration for UnFORgettables came from sheer boredom during a pregnancy bed rest.  She created a diaper cake for her baby shower which resulted in others requesting her fun and lovely gift packages. Dinelles went on to expand her creativity for gift design to include holiday gift baskets

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 5.12.09 PMand  towel cakes.  UnFORgettables could soar to new heights if she could get assistance with setting up a website, serious investors and a solid business coach to build her entrepreneurial confidence.  Why don’t you stop by the EWI 1st annual holiday gift market to help lift Dinelles to new heights!


Michele Black & Kathy Kemerait
Mountain Bird Designs


Kathy Kemerait


Michele Black

An artistic duo on a mission to create with a purpose!  Meet Kathy and Michele,  two talented women who have put their ideas into action by collaborating with a fair pay textile manufacturer and are committed to partnering with eco-friendly American manufacturers in order to bring textile jobs back to Appalachia.   Using various mediums, to include textiles, beads, paper and clay, their art brings the simplest items to life. From their signature women’s business handbag to the holiday gift market promotional materials, their ability to artistically capture the true essence of womanhood is beyond amazing.  Though, what good is such rich and Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 5.15.25 PMincredible talent if it can’t be shared with the world?  Your connections to investors, high profile contacts and solid textile industry experience are where their art and your business savvy collides.   Let’s make Kathy and Michele’s artistic endeavors a successful business at EWI’s1st annual holiday gift market.

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Written by Ciara Salg, Marketing & Communications Intern

Marga’s First Day in Papua New Guinea

5 Nov

 “It’s a privilege to be here in the making of this historic event and work with these women to fully empower them to pursue their highest vision, aspirations and ideals,” says Marga Fripp on her first day in Papua New Guinea after meeting with the most vibrant and determined women of PNG.

Marga will have the opportunity to witness the launching of the Papua New Guinea Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PNGWCCI) on Wednesday, Nov 6th.  The First Lady of PNG, a businesswoman herself, and the most influential change maker women of the country will attend the event, and Marga will be the keynote speaker. It’s an exciting time to be there for Marga as the event symbolizes the fruition of a women-led social movement after year’s worth of struggle to achieve empowerment, political representation, financial and economic independence and much more. The organization will create an opportunity for women to voice their concerns, to engage policy makers in addressing the most volatile social and economic issues that are preventing women from achieving success and empowerment.

All women in the middle are the founders of Papua New Guinea Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Left to right Natalia (US Embassy), Theresa, Linda, Avia, Amanda, Janet, Susan (US Embassy).

Marga’s role in PNG, besides coaching and mentoring entrepreneurial skills, is to inspire and encourage women to speak up about their concerns, obstacles, drawbacks and doubts that are hindering them from achieving their goals in life. It’s conventional wisdom that change can only come when we identify our stumbling blocks and when we make the effort to address it to whoever is willing to listen, and with 20 plus years of experience under her belt Marga knows that the most important step in achieving change is to listen first. These are extraordinary women with extraordinary stories to tell and they represent not just women in PNG but women globally.

This is how Marga felt on her first few day in PNG.

“I met some of the strongest and most determined global women. I had dinner last night with the founders of the first women’s chamber of commerce in PNG. Much like at EWI we shared our stories, and how we have been helping immigrant, refugee and low-income women become self-determined and empowered entrepreneurs through our rigorous 3-month ETS programs.

The women I met are determined to change the status quo, they are women of change, they know where they came from, they sacrificed a lot to become who they are and they are now paving the way for other women and generations to come.

It’s a privilege to be here in the making of this historic event and work with these women to fully empower them to pursue their highest vision, aspirations and ideals. I am confident that their vision, courage and determination will transform both the policy agenda for women’s economic empowerment and the role and condition of women in PNG and globally.”

Written by Hanna Yamir, Program Associate

Chizoma Cluff’s Secrets to Success

4 Nov

Chizoma Cluff, motivational speaker, self-esteem speaker, confidence speaker, style speaker, and women’s issues speaker

What do Tyra Banks, Catherine the Great, Sonia Sotomayor, and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They’re what self-confidence coach Chizoma Cluff calls TRAILBLAZERS – powerful, accomplished women who have made a name for themselves. Sitting among the Entrepreneur Training for Success participants on the first day of class, I said my own name aloud and felt far from the likes of a supermodel or a Supreme Court justice. As class wore on, though, I felt more encouraged thanks to Chizoma’s secrets to success.

The first secret: success starts with you! Self-care is essential to creation, something our 26 female entrepreneurs must listen to in order to build and maintain a fruitful business. We shared our favorites with one another: yoga, journaling, connecting with friends, listening to a favorite song, sipping tea, and walking in nature, all activities that heal the soul and allow us to give back during the day. Some classmates wondered how they could find the time. A past ETS participant, now a mentor, encouraged us to start small, five minutes even, and work up to at least twenty minutes, and before you know it you’re succeeding.

Secrets two and three are more challenging: goal-setting and time management. Chizoma encouraged us to be creative and think differently about what’s possible. She gave the example of trying to break through a piece of paper with the sheer force of one’s forehead. Needless to say, it doesn’t work! With time, tools, and a little ingenuity can we cut the paper, connect the pieces into a loop, and step right through it. Similarly, our entrepreneurs must start where they are now and remember that every step towards their future success counts!

Dressing for success and communicating effectively are the last secrets for our entrepreneurs, who must independently gain contacts and clientele. We can control how we are perceived and command attention with style. Cost can be a deterrent, but, as one participant mentioned, the wealth of thrift and consignment stores in the area that make organizing your image more affordable. A put-together ensemble is complemented by a professional way of communicating. Our participants were reminded to be precise with their language, show personality in their e-mail signature, and respond timely to all requests. Eye contact and a genuine smile never hurt, either!

At the end of the class, one student doubted that she could be as strong and confident as Chizoma. Yet, reflecting on her accomplishments, she realized she had already overcome much in her life by learning to speak English, for example. With the support of her peers and the program’s mentors, I have no doubt that in a few short weeks she will rise proudly and say her name with all its worth.

Written by Kimberly Barton, a guest blogger who’s a new Alexandria resident. She recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and is interested in local programs that empower, educate, and support women. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

A Sneak Peek at Who’s Who at the Holiday Gift Marketplace

31 Oct

Look who will be at EWI’s 1st Annual Holiday Gift Marketplace!

The marketplace is a unique shopping experience for holiday gifts and  a crowd-sourcing platform for engaging customers in providing ideas, connections and services that support local businesses.

Sunday, November 24th 
The Whittemore House
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
(near Dupont Circle)

Suzanne Morgan- Native Spirit



Meet Suzanne, a Native American artist that has been making unique jewelry and leatherwork for most of her adult life. She developed her technique and passion for leatherwork by a Cheyenne craftswoman in Oklahoma and learned her bead working skills from Indian elders.

Image Suzanne established her business called Native Spirit in 1991.  Lets help Suzanne reach her goals of expanding her work force so that she can attend more events and sell more of her products. Do you know a shop that will to sell locally made jewelry? Can you help Suzanne expand her business? Then come to EWI’s First AnnualMarketplace event and help contribute to Suzanne’s dream!

Velma Crawford – Veez Ties That Bind

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 2.21.08 PM

Velma’s work modeled by EWI staff.

Empowered Women

Velma Crawford

After learning how to quilt from her grandmother, Velma was able to master the art at a very young age. Year later during her graduate studies, Velma taught a class named “The Art of Basic Apron Making.” After teaching the class she received several orders from students and friends for her aprons. . Inspired by the love and strength of her grandmother she launched her own apron business. In order to grow her business Velma is looking to find stores in which she can market her dress to grow her clientele. She is also looking for help in order to update her website. Could you be the designer boutique she’s been looking for? Are you a website wiz? Then come to EWI’s 1st Annual Marketplace and indulge in fashion while making a change.

                                                                           Nadia Janjua- Nadia J Art 

Empowered Women

Nadia Janjua

Inspired by her spiritual and emotional connection to faith, Nadia’s passion is to beautify the world with her hands. With Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Master of Architecture Degree, Nadia decided to start her own business, Nadia J Art, in which she creates art in fulfill her passion. In order to expand her business Nadia is looking to manufacture, outsource, and develop partnerships for distribution. Do you know a possible retailer? Manufacturing company? Come to EWI’s 1st Marketplace event and help Nadia’s business while buying beautiful works of art for your home.

Nadia's phone case designs.

Nadia’s phone case designs.

Free Admission

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Written by Ciara Salg, Marketing & Communications Intern.

She Did It! Charlene Tells Her Story of the Marine Corps Marathon

30 Oct
This past Sunday, October 27th was the BIG DAY. Charlene Gatewood, our very own and very dedicated ETS mentor, ran the 38th Annual Marine Corps Marathon to support the professional and educational goals of women with her fundraising campaign, Charlene’s Race to Empower Women. We are so proud of her and enormously grateful! In her own words, she shares her story of that day:
Dear Friends and Family,
Well, it’s over and this is my last email on the subject, so forgive me if it’s a bit long.  Yesterday started off very cold.  When I picked up my race packet at the Expo, I received the official marathon shirt, a long sleeved gray shirt with lots of emblems and the MCM logo commemorating the occasion.  I layered that shirt under my light-weight jacket to ensure that I stayed warm.  I had gloves and wore some panty hose under my yoga pants.  My fanny pack was loaded with paper towels for my runny nose and Clif Mocha Gel Shots for energy – I was ready.
We got to the Crystal City parking garage about 6:50 am and the line of runners and their families waiting for the shuttle buses was already down the sidewalk and wrapped around the circumference of the garage.  We parked and got in line.  The buses were taking runners first and when enough family members were gathered, they would get on a separate bus.  Walter was 2 buses behind me.
When we got to the Pentagon parking lot, I immediately started walking toward the starting line.  As I walked, I saw 4 parachutes floating down – 2 with humans and 2 with the U.S. flag.  It was quite a sight to see the flag unfurled and blowing in the wind and floating down to earth.
There were so many people and many of them were skimpily dressed, some with plastic bags over them to keep them warm.  I was very comfortable. There was music blaring and camera panning the crowd. The gun went off for the wheelchair racers and a few minutes later for the runners.  It took over 3 minutes for me to cross the start line.  As we ran up Lee Highway, I took off my gloves.  I could see that runners were discarding clothes in the street, but I was determined not to leave anything I brought with me.  Just as we were climbing the hill toward Spout Run, I realized I had on too much.  I tried to unzip my jacket, but the zipper got stuck and wouldn’t move no matter how hard I tried.  I was less than 3 miles in and knew that I couldn’t run the whole race that way.  So, I stopped, pulled the jacket over my head and pulled the shirt over my head.  At that point I’m standing in the street with only my sports bra, but I really didn’t care.  I put the jacket back on and tied my MCM shirt around my waist and ran the hill.
The spectators had some very interesting signs.  Most stated that we were “running better than Congress” but my favorites said that “this was the worst parade ever”!
The course turned right at West Potomac Park.  By mile 12 I felt my bladder would burst, but every porta-john I passed had long lines and I couldn’t waste time or slow my momentum.  As I entered the West Potomac Park, I saw a large tree with branches and leaves all the way to the ground. I ran over, went into the seclusion of the leaves and came out relieved. The shoulder of West Potomac Park was lined with the photographs of fallen Marines who died between 2011 and 2013. It was very sobering and sad.
I continued running nonstop and got to mile 17 in 3 hours and 30 minutes. I knew that I was doing well.  I walked about half of the next 3 miles but got to mile 20 (on the 14th Street Bridge) at 12:35, still not bad.  I anticipated finishing in another hour and a half.  However, that’s when I decided to stretch – bad idea.  I must have pulled something because when I started to walk I had pain in my right hip.  It was less painful when I ran but I was so tired by then my running was sporadic.
When I finally made it to the finish line, I reacted the same way that I did 11 years ago.  When the young female marine put the medal around my neck I burst into tears.   When I looked up, a woman at the end of the lane took my picture – it was of my ugly cry face, not the pretty one, but I really didn’t care.  It as over, I was done, mission accomplished!
I would like to thank all of you who contributed your financial support to Empowered Women International and those of you who supported me emotionally. God bless you!  A very special thank you to my love, Walter, who singlehandedly raised $2,460 though his Masonic affiliations and my beloved daughter, Saronda, who gave $325. My total is now $3,870, only $130 shy of my goal.
My biggest contributors:
Columbia Commandry Knights Templar $2000 (Walter’s affiliation)
Lafayette Dupont Lodge $460 (Walter’s affiliation)
Saronda Gatewood-Royster $325 (my lovely daughter)
There is still time to give.  Empowered Women International operates 12 months out of the year serving women in need.  Please consider supporting this organization in the future.  You can mail your contribution to Empowered Women International at 320 S Henry Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314.  Don’t wait for my next marathon, because there won’t be one; I’m done! 
By the way, I beat my 2002 time by 3 minutes and 50 seconds!
Love you all and thank you,