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Four New Faces: Meet EWI’s New Interns!

4 Oct

From left to right: Ciara Salg- Marketing & Communications Intern, Kim Booher- Program Associate Intern, Brenda Yoboue- Non-Profit Management Intern, and Tatiana Sandoval- Community Partnership Intern.

This fall, EWI is powering forward with the dedicated support of four new amazing stars: Kim Booher – Program Associate Intern, Tatiana Sandoval– Community Partnership Intern, Brenda Yoboue– Non-Profit Management Intern, and myself, Ciara Salg– Marketing & Communications Intern.

The interns have attended the University of Minnesota, Lock Haven University of PA, George Mason University, and American University. They come from three different continents and have lived in over 10 countries collectively. They hold a variety of knowledge and experience that they are excited to bring to EWI. Above all, the interns have a passion for giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of women.

When I asked the other interns how their time at EWI has been so far I heard “challenging and intense but exciting and interesting” over and over again. Brenda, our Non-Profit Management Intern, elaborated that although challenging, it’s a great learning experience and is definitely not your average internship. I completely understood what Brenda meant by this. EWI allows you to learn and develop new skills, but also leverages all our strengths. Working with EWI is by no means your stereotypical coffee and copy making internship. The experience is hands on, challenging, and rewarding. When talking to Kim, our Program Associate Intern, she explained how nice it was to come into such a welcoming community. She continued with, “I appreciate the people I work with, am passionate about the EWI mission statement, and love the work I do.”  Tatiana, our Community Partnership Intern, continued by saying “My favorite part of the internship so far is the interaction I get to have with all the entrepreneurs. They are such a great group of women who all have amazing stories. It’s by far my favorite part of the job.”

Speaking on behalf of all the new interns, we are so excited to be working at Empowered Women International. We are all passionate about the work we are doing here and hope to assist EWI in continuing to empower women and making a difference in their lives.

 Written by Ciara Salg, Marketing & Communications Intern

Wanted: Interns!

8 Feb

Have you ever wanted to become more involved with EWI’s day-to-day activities and projects?! Now’s your chance!

EWI is looking for two passionate, hardworking, creative, and enthusiastic people to fill our two open intern positions for the Spring! We have openings for a Program Associate Intern and for a Community Partnerships Intern.

EWI’s Fall 2012 Interns (Jeremy, Charlia, Mina, and Melinda) celebrating EWI with staff members Mary and Alexandra!

The Program Associate Intern will…

Work closely with EWI’s Program Manager and the Executive Director to assist in the coordination and execution of a series of organizational projects.

1) Prepare and support EWI team for the launching of the Entrepreneur Training for Success, Grow My Business, the Mentor and Business Coaching Programs
2) Assist in providing client services (client intake management, follow up with clients, research and client resources and referrals)
3) Contribute to organizing events (home parties, artist marketplace, business plan pitch, graduation, etc. – calendaring, logistics, coordination, planning)
4) General office administration (data entry, research, ordering supplies, etc.)
5) Assist in planning and organizing fundraising campaigns and events

To read the full position description and apply for the Program Associate Internship, click here!

Summer 2012 Interns Hellina, Sallie, and Teal enjoying some cake at our Spring 2012 graduation ceremony!

The Community Partnerships Intern will…

Work closely with the Program Manager and the Outreach Coordinator to
1) expand EWI’s outreach efforts to culturally diverse communities in the Greater Washington DC area
2) expand recruitment efforts to sustain an on-going enrollment of client applicants for our entrepreneur incubator,
3) develop and implement strategies to recruit and manage mentors, volunteers, and business coaches
4) build new strategic partnerships, cultivate existing ones, and develop mutually-beneficial incentives.

To read the full position description and apply for the Community Partnerships Internship, click here!


Jeremy, Alexandria, Charlia, and Perri at EWI’s Holiday Marketplace!

We hope you’ll join us for a fun-filled and energetic Spring of Empowering Women!