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Meet Morella!

20 Jun
Morella Ewell

Morella Ewell

A native of Venezuela, Morella Ewell earned her first job after college at Shell Oil as an interpreter. She moved to the United States in 1995 with her two children and her husband, who was an Air Force pilot. Her professional career is lush with experiences ranging from tutoring in Spanish, to case manager and translator for Department of Disabilities Administration, to translator at an elementary school.

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, Morella’s greatest desire is to provide a trustworthy and responsible translation services for the growing Hispanic immigrant population in the U.S. As an immigrant herself, Morella believes that most immigrant require help with documentation, which means that law firms will need help with interpretation/translation as well. Morella knows she can deliver those needs through her company Ewell Interpretation Services as she can better relate to their circumstances.

Morella’s aspirations led her to Empowered Women International where she gained valuable lessons on how to put the pieces of her business together. With the knowledge she gained at EWI Morella is well on her way to opening her business. She is grateful to have had mentors, trainers and business coaches in the process to offer guidance and support.

“I have become a more organized person. Also, I am much more confident now. These two traits have helped me tremendously.”



Meet Odirsa!

20 Jun
Odirsa Argueta

Odirsa Argueta

Originally from El Salvador, Odirsa Argueta moved to the United States 23 years ago in search of a better life. She is a proud mother of five, although one passed away, and finds her children a strong motivation for her life’s endeavors. Odirsa’s inspiration comes from friends and the people she works with on a daily basis. She has always been convinced that she will open her own business some day.

As a responsible and very organized person with the right professional knowledge and experiences she desires to be a pioneer in the male-dominated industry of irrigation and lighting services. In fact, by founding JR Irrigation & Lighting Company Odirsa and her business partner plan to install high quality irrigation and lighting system in the yards of residential homes or commercial businesses. While her business partner will focus on the physical labor, Odirsa will be behind the promotion, monitor installations and client management. Her ultimate goal is to make customers happy as they find their yards transformed into beautiful new landscapes.

Coming to Empowered Women International has changed everything for Odirsa, as it gave her great resources and became an outlet for her passion. Through EWI she says she has benefited from quality classes, and the aid of mentors and teachers throughout the process has helped her tremendously.

“I have learned many things from the classes and I would like to say thank you to the EWI staff for changing my life.”


Business Plan Pitch Leaves an Outstanding Impression

18 Jun
Students Dicey Nneka Scroggins preparing for their duo presentation

Students Dicey Nneka Scroggins preparing for their duo presentation

As the mid morning approached, so did the powerful anticipation of presenting the determination, hard work, and pride that came into effect at this spring’s Business Plan Pitch.  Taking a glance around the room made it very clear that excitement and enthusiasm was just the beginning. As the guest arrive smiles began to be shared, laughs where initially introduced, and greetings give way to a great afternoon filled with powerful business plan pitches!

At the beginning, everyone was given a moment to spend time with the mentors and friends to whom the students gave aspiration to. It was more than apparent that the mentors at EWI have served as models for inspiration and influence that have touched each student in different ways. What followed were exceptional business pitches that not only centered on the idea of creating a foundation, but showcased innovation by illuminating the dedication each student originated from the very first day of classes.

EWI founder Marga Fripp with Judges Aminta Perez Gold and Kevin Kelly

EWI founder Marga Fripp with Judges Aminta Perez Gold and Dr Jayfus Tucker Doswell

One of the first students that presented was the charming Charmelle Clark, who use her public speaking skills to make her pitch informative, concise, and meaningful to everyone in the room. Every student that preceded demonstrated strong, persuasive and heartwarming stories behind each individual business idea. The transformation happening is more than just a semester, this is a lifetime change.  The poise and eloquence that each individual student put forward gave significant reason for this year’s judges to evaluate and give constructive and positive reviews.

EWI student Cleopatra Magwaro as she presents her Writing and Publishing Company Sevices

EWI student Cleopatra Magwaro as she presents her Writing and Publishing Company Services

After each pitch it was the judges turn to make comments and ideas to enhancing the already prominent business proposals. One constant suggestion that the judges indicated was the use of social media to generate networking opportunities. Another suggestion was the projection of knowing your clientele and competitors, which reinforced to the students that in the world of business, distinction is everything. 

Biz Plan Pitch Judges focusing on the presentations

Biz Plan Pitch Judges focusing on the presentations

Reneta Bennett, founder of Pressing Through Mentoring, made her feelings well-known at the end when she said, “I am thankful for the support that the judges gave me; it helped me a lot to be able to speak about my business and hear what others think.” The judges also had a few words to mention about the experience of analyzing the presentations. Second-time judge Lloyd McCormick expressed his thoughts about the students’ work by mentioning, “This was terrific, wonderful, they were very positive about their goals and there’s a lot of talented and motivated people”.

Final remarks were made by Marga Fripp who defined how motivation and inventiveness made this day special. “After 10 years, it’s really rewarding and re-energizing to see what these women have accomplished and overcome, and this is why I keep doing it”. The overall encouragement and support that filled the air was one-of-a-kind. As graduation for these amazing women is coming into view next week, one thing is for sure… success is a journey, not a destination and the journey will continue to empower them each step of the way.

Group photo of EWI Judges, Students, Mentors, and Supporting Staff

Group photo of EWI Judges, Students, Mentors, and Supporting Staff

We are so proud of you, Spring Class of 2013!

See more photos of the event on our Flickr set here. More Photos
Special thanks and credit to Jen Cubas Photography for the taking all the awesome photos!

ByVirlen Reyes, Community Partnerships Intern