An Inspirational Meet & Greet with New Women Entrepreneurs

21 Oct

Last Wednesday EWI held its Meet & Greet for the new incoming Entrepreneur Training for Success Fall 2013 class! It was the first time all students, interns, trainers, and staff had a chance to come together, get to know each other, and have an orientation of what’s ahead. EWI is so excited to welcome in this inspiring and diverse group of women.

Welcome the Fall 2013 Class – Aspiring & Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs!

Staff, interns, and trainers welcome the Fall 2013 Class – Aspiring & Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs!

There are 26 women from over 10 countries including Guatemala, Cameron, Somalia, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Bolivia, among others. With 26 women come 26 aspiring small businesses including a resume writing, financial services, jewelry, art, photography, child care and learning, Italian ice cream and desserts, hair styling, cleaning, clothing and textiles, and more. It’s a powerful testament to the creative ideas and drive women have all over the world.


New students and entrepreneurs, Sonia & Macha

I asked Brenda Yoboue, Non- Profit Management Intern what her impressions were. “First of all, it was very exciting to finally meet the students. I had previously met one student when she came to interview and it was very nice to see her again. Overall, I thought that the event was very informative. Seeing so many women from different backgrounds show their entrepreneurial side was very inspirational. I will definitely attend some of the ETS classes.”

New students and entrepreneurs, Jessica & Cynthia

New students and entrepreneurs, Jessica & Cynthia

Speaking from my own personal experience, the ETS Meet & Greet really put into perspective what EWI does for the community. In talking with the other interns, meeting so many amazing, strong, and intelligent women reminds us why we were so passionate about joining EWI in the first place. It was somewhat of an emotional experience, that level of inspiration we all felt while listening to the students’ stories. We are all eager to supporting all the women as they let their ideas take flight and launch their micro-enterprises!


EWI is incredibly grateful to all our trainers, mentors, partners and supporters for giving women the opportunity, skills and knowledge they need to launch their business. Our work with women entrepreneurs is possible because of your dedication to women’s empowerment and understanding of the power of entrepreneurship to give greater economic mobility to all women.

A big thank you to Jen Cubas for photographing the event.

Written by: Ciara Salg, Marketing & Communications Intern


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