Our New Logo: Redesign to Redefine

2 Oct

Last year EWI reached a milestone, celebrating ten years of accomplishments and empowerment! As the organization heads into its 11th year, EWI felt it was time to re-envision the empowered women.


EWI marketing materials featuring the old logo

You may have already started to see the new logo on some of our announcements and marketing material and wondered what the story was to prompt the update. Here’s the story:

Throughout EWI’s history the logo has been a symbol of power, strength, vision, and opportunity. Although the old logo had received a tremendous amount of positive feedback over the years, as EWI grows and expands, we wanted to give the empowered women an opportunity to re-define herself as well.

As Marga Fripp, EWI founder, explained to me, “Stylistically, the old logo was created in a stamp-like form that did not posses many shapes. In the new logo, shapes and forms are highlighted in order to visually represent the empowerment in the women on the logo. This empowerment can be seen through the waves and movement in her hands and body – she posses a glow from inside because she is transformed in the way she appears. The stars in the logo have also been given an update. The logo has evolved over the years and Sharmila Karamchandani, ETS Lead Trainer & Volunteer Extraordinaire, added the stars about five years ago. The new logo provides color and meaning to the stars. The gold star represents the American dream of opportunity. The green star represents entrepreneurship and the blue star represents creativity.”


The new and improved EWI logo!

EWI’s website will also be receiving a facelift! While speaking to Mary Louise Marino, I came to understand that the site has been evolving organically for years but recently it became apparent that it needed to be presented in a more streamlined, clear, and simple way. The new website is being created by Omni Studio and as Mary calls them, The Dream Team: Eileen Kessler (who’s also an ETS Mentor) Emily Rauch, Dillon Powel, and Elisabeth Harpe. It was also Omni Studio’s Dream Team that re-defined EWI’s new logo that captures so powerfully all women reaching for the stars and realizing their dreams. We want to extend a special thank you to them for doing such a fantastic job on updating EWI’s brand appearance!

EWI is excited to share our changing and evolving logo and our upcoming new website as our organization grows and expands. Stay tuned as we roll out more in the coming weeks and months!

Written by Ciara Salg, Marketing & Communications Intern


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