Ernst & Young Connects with Entrepreneurs

27 Sep

For our first big event of the fall, Empowered Women International partnered with Ernst & Young in its annual EY Connect Day. This year, 2300 staff members volunteered with approximately 30 non-profit organizations in the greater DC metro region. According to Rene Salas, EY Partner, East Central Community Engagement (CE) Leader, they strive to work with organizations where their services are the most needed and where they can make an impact.


Rene Salas, EY Partner, Mary Louise Marino, EWI Director of Operations & Outreach, and Shirah Cohen, EWI Director of Business Development

Being one of the leading firms in accounting, financial and other advisory services, Ernst & Young recognizes the talent and potential of entrepreneurs: “Entrepreneurs make a difference. They not only have great ideas, but also the drive to make them a reality. They use their fresh thinking and hard work to create positive social change – bringing new concepts and products to market, and creating jobs and wealth.” EWI was a natural fit.


EWI entrepreneur Tammie Archie with two EY business coaches


EWI entrepreneur LaDon James during a focused sessions with EY business coaches

For the EY Connect Day with EWI, this was an exclusive opportunity for local women entrepreneurs to receive free mentoring and advising from Ernst & Young company professionals with their expert business knowledge and experience.

For the occasion, EWI alumna received advice on how to establish and improve their different businesses. Our entrepreneurs focused on various aspects to improve like marketing, business communication, finances and growing your business. Whether they are just starting or if they are already established businesswomen, it is important to keep current on the best strategies and practices.


EY volunteers offering one-on-one mentoring session with EWI entrepreneur, Amoy Stephens


EWI entrepreneurs Ivana Zambrana and Jane Mwinuka receiving one-on-one coaching with EY volunteers

The Ernst & Young staff was not only resourceful by sharing their expertise on the various topics, they were also very supportive. They encouraged our entrepreneurs to set and hold themselves to tangible goals in order to attain better results. Learning to prioritize, being innovative and determined, among other things, is what really sets an entrepreneur apart from any other businessman or businesswoman.

Judging from the reactions and feedback, it is safe to say that each and every entrepreneur left the conference feeling inspired, more knowledgeable and empowered — empowered to pursue their passion and to succeed in their professional career. Many EY volunteers found the one-on-one mentoring sessions invaluable and gave high marks to event overall.


The entire EY and EWI team!

In the words of Marga Fripp, EWI would like to send “a heartfelt thank you to the amazing EY Team for your generous service and full engagement in the mentoring day. We know this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey that will open doors to collaborative and innovative work between our organizations. Together we can empower more women and families to pursue their dream businesses with confidence and courage”.

Want to see more pictures? Click here

Written by Brenda Yoboue, Non-Profit Management Intern


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