LaNesha’s Summer With EWI

19 Sep

LaNesha Kearse had recently graduated before she joined Empowered Women International (EWI) as the Marketing and Communications Intern. Impelled by her passion for women’s advocacy, LaNesha saw EWI as an opportunity to network with phenomenal women, learn the skills necessary to start her own non-profit organization, and further explore a career in marketing. LaNesha has worked and volunteered for numerous women’s advocacy organizations, but was blown away by the overwhelmingly welcoming environment and the staff’s dedication to her personal and professional development.


LaNesha (right) at EWI’s summer picnic with colleagues Mona (left) and Mary (middle)

LaNesha was attracted to EWI upon learning that the organization emphasized giving interns meaningful work. She wanted a productive summer where she could see her work making a positive impact on the organization and those it served. She also wanted the opportunity to receive invaluable mentorship and guidance from like-minded women. Working alongside Mary Louise Marino and Alexia Muchisu Wendel, she was able to connect with experts in the marketing field, narrow her career goals, and exchange endearing personal stories along the way.

img_0008 2

LaNesha on assignment for her post on Sushmita Muzumdar’s Kiva Zip Loan through EWI.

When asked about her experience in EWI, LaNesha said “the women of EWI have shown me that with a little more self confidence and big dreams, I can achieve the unthinkable. And I know that no matter where life takes me, I can always count on the women of EWI for genuine and unrelenting support.”

LaNesha is appreciative of the opportunity to build lasting relationships with this group of phenomenal women and continues to dedicate her time to this organization as a writer. LaNesha watched how these women overcame self doubt and huge obstacles to fine tune their talents and actualize their goals, and has left EWI with that same ambition.

Thank you, LaNesha for your wonderful writing talents, ambition, and dedication to Empowered Women International!


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