Help Odirsa Reach Her Goal!

30 Aug

Odirsa Argueta

El Salvadorian immigrant, mother, and Spring 2013 ETS graduate Odirsa Argueta has recently applied for the Kiva Zip Loan to gain the licensing and tools needed to run her business. Kiva Zip creates opportunities for business owners and potential supporters to make financial assistance more affordable and accessible. Supporters of these business owners donate their resources and are repaid upon successful payment of the initial loan.

After spending a considerable amount of time in the construction business, Odirsa fantasized about the day she would not only run her own business but also serve as a more positive role model for her family. An immigrant to this country, Ordisa wanted to show her children that with a lot of hard work and clearly defined goals they could accomplish their dreams. She also wanted to provide her family with job security, financial stability, and independence. Through business ownership, she understood the possibilities were endless.

Through Kiva Zip, her loan has already been 81% funded!  Only $910 more needs to be raised to reach her goal. Are you eager to help Odirsa succeed?

Click here to make her dreams a reality!

She has described the Kiva Zip loan process as being self assuring and invigorating. Odirsa has taken a leap of faith into a male dominated industry. Her new founded company JR Irrigation & Lighting Company  will offer services like no other. She will work exclusively with clients, both residential and commercial, to provide  consultations and plan their ideal landscaping ideas. She also prides herself on using only the finest products in her projects.


Odirsa pitches business plan to peers

With encouragement and positive feedback from previous clients, Odirsa is excited for the opportunity to provide quality and customer oriented service while inspiring others like her to challenge themselves to venture outside of their comfort zones. She advises other women that opening their own business “won’t be easy but the effort is worth it; you need to have persistence,” and assures them that “it takes time but they can make it happen.”

Odirsa is immensely grateful for EWI sharing their indispensable resources with her. With their guidance and support, she realizes that she will soon achieve her long awaited goal of being a business owner. EWI is gracious to have had the opportunity to build a strong relationship with such a remarkable woman and wishes her much success!

By LaNesha Kearse, Marketing & Communications Intern


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