EWI Featured in The Huffington Post…Again!

16 Jul
Paulette Mpouma holding her African Memory Game

Paulette Mpouma holding her African Memory Game

After being featured on July 3rd via an interview with its founder Marga Fripp, Empowered Women International is once again in the Huffington Post. Published on July 15th, the piece focuses on the program as a whole, and specifically the Entrepreneurship program , ETS. It also highlights our inspiring graduates’ stories. We are very proud of what we are able to accomplish and the ability to transform women’s lives, and it’s exciting to see the accomplishments of EWI women written about. Both Marga Fripp and Paulette Mpouma, an ETS graduate and creator of the African Memory game are acknowledged in the story. Check out the article  HERE

EWI would like to send a special Thank You to Sabrina Siddiqu for writing the article, and Arianna Huffington for the tweet!

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Written by Tess Stansbury, Non-Profit Management Intern


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