EWI Asks, “What Empowers You?”

10 Jul

EWI Asks, “What Empowers You?”

Empowered Women International sent a team to the World Refugee Day celebration in Silver Spring, MD after being invited by the International Rescue Committee, the host of the event. Represented by staff members Jami McDowell, Virlen Reyes, and ETS graduate Julie Hyo Park, EWI set up a booth and interacted with the individuals at the event.

We asked each person that visited the EWI table, “What makes you feel empowered?” We were surprised and inspired by the responses we received. Here are a few of our favorites:

“The awareness that I have a mind”


“My voice”

Here are some others we received:


What Empowers You?


One visitor to the EWI table says that “God” and “good people” make them feel empowered.

The table was visited by people of all ages and walks of life and EWI was impressed with the variety of things that people draw from to feel empowered, from music, to faith, to family.

While at our table visitors had the chance to engage with one of our recent Spring 2013 graduates and artisan entrepreneur, Julie Hyo Park. She taught how to make crocheted bracelets. When they were done, they were all given a small token, an empowerment stone. Upon receiving her empowerment stone, one little girl was curious (and serious) enough to ask staff member Jami if it really worked. Jami assured her that the stone would work if she believed hard enough.


We agree with Jami’s notion that if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything, and with that self-belief you begin to adapt a feeling of empowerment. We want to thank that little girl for her courage and hope that one day all women will feel that sense of empowerment (whether they have an empowerment stone or not).

Written by Tess Stansbury, Non-Profit Management Intern


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