Make a Loan to EWI’s first Borrower!

9 Jul

We are excited to announce that EWI has recently endorsed its first borrower, our very own ETS graudate, Sushmita Muzumdar. Sushmita is raising a loan of $5,000 through Kiva Zip to rent a studio space, what will be known as Studio PAUSE, where she can teach everyday people to get creative exploring art, writing, and celebrating community.

Loan Sushmita $25 now, and help her open a studio!

Kiva Zip is an experimental site, launched by Kiva, that enables you to make direct loans to entrepreneurs in Kenya and the United States. You can make a loan today for as little as $5. Over time, as your loan is repaid, you get your money back, and you can then withdraw it, or relend it to another entrepreneur.


Sushmita holding up one of her homemade story books

Empowered Women International is excited to take part n this new endeavor that has the potential to grow and promote the businesses of our empowered women graduates. EWI  has become a Trustee on the site and will support the borrowers that we believe in.

All the best to Sushmita and Studio PAUSE. EWI is very proud of what she is accomplishing and how she is using her talents to better the community around her. We hope to endorse more empowered women in the future and use this this innovative resource to further our goal of transforming lives and promoting women-owned businesses.

Written by Tess Stansbury, Non-Profit Management Intern


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