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26 Jun

By Howard Feinstein, EWI Board Member

Howard Feinstein

Howard Feinstein

A weekly blog for E.W.I. students and graduates, passing along news, events, articles of interest, and tips on growing your business.  We are all on this journey together, and no one – certainly not yours truly – has all the answers.  Accordingly, I hope you will periodically contribute your ideas and news to this forum, c/o

Mon. June 24

Sincere congratulation to each and every member of our Spring 2013 E.T.S. class, who graduated on Sunday.  They join a growing group of E.W.I. alumnae who have gone forward with confidence and high expectations, not only as entrepreneurs, but as productive citizens.  The E.T.S. curriculum is a demanding one, and those who complete it have reason to be proud.  However, as every previous graduate knows well, E.T.S. is just the first step on the road to business and personal empowerment.  Today, I want to emphasize — based on considerable experience as a board member, mentor, and trainer  — that you do not have to travel that road alone.  

The E.W.I. road is a continuing, two-way street.  We understand, from our own entrepreneurial ventures, that classroom preparation is just the beginning of a lengthy learning process.  We have taken major steps to expand our original curriculum, through our new Grow Your Business program, and the establishment of business-specific working groups, spearheaded by the new EWI Writers Group.  We are regularly re-assessing and tweaking all of our programs, and we need your continuing input to be sure we are providing the most effective preparation for your careers.  Let us know how your business is progressing, what aspects of the EWI training were most helpful, and what you would change or add.  Unlike similar programs, we do not operate out of a musty, standardized manual.  We are committed to do whatever it takes to ensure that all of our graduates remain on the road to empowerment.  At EWI, we do not fear change – we welcome it.

We also know that the road you have embarked on is seldom a straight, controlled-access highway.  Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that the greatest teacher of all is trial-and-error.  Don’t be afraid to take chances, take the road less traveled, and sometimes just “trust your gut.”  You will make mistakes and have bad days, but you will learn from them.  As the E.W.I. community grows, you have at your disposal many people who started exactly where you were, and have gone through similar experiences.  Let alumnae and staff know what challenges you are facing, how you are meeting them, and whether you can use some help.  Remember:  you are not asking for favors, but rather tapping the resources of a lifelong community of support.  You are not “bothering” us — this what we do, and as in any extended family, you will have the highly–rewarding opportunity to “give back” to your sisters as well.   Keep track of what your fellow alumnae are up to:  patronize their businesses, attend their events, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.  All for one, one for all.

Good luck; keep in touch; and in the words of our founder, “onward and upward.”

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