Meet Morella!

20 Jun
Morella Ewell

Morella Ewell

A native of Venezuela, Morella Ewell earned her first job after college at Shell Oil as an interpreter. She moved to the United States in 1995 with her two children and her husband, who was an Air Force pilot. Her professional career is lush with experiences ranging from tutoring in Spanish, to case manager and translator for Department of Disabilities Administration, to translator at an elementary school.

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, Morella’s greatest desire is to provide a trustworthy and responsible translation services for the growing Hispanic immigrant population in the U.S. As an immigrant herself, Morella believes that most immigrant require help with documentation, which means that law firms will need help with interpretation/translation as well. Morella knows she can deliver those needs through her company Ewell Interpretation Services as she can better relate to their circumstances.

Morella’s aspirations led her to Empowered Women International where she gained valuable lessons on how to put the pieces of her business together. With the knowledge she gained at EWI Morella is well on her way to opening her business. She is grateful to have had mentors, trainers and business coaches in the process to offer guidance and support.

“I have become a more organized person. Also, I am much more confident now. These two traits have helped me tremendously.”



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