Meet Charmelle!

13 Jun
Charmelle Clark

Charmelle Clark

Creatively Charming, “Your Imagination Is Our Creation!”

The oldest daughter, granddaughter and niece her life has been filled with love and support.  Charmelle is a single mother of two grown daughters and one granddaughter.  A lover of all things crafty she is certain creativity is infused in her blood.  “It is truly where I find peace and balance”.  Charmelle  has been crafting for 32 years which began with a Kermit the Frog glass and her mother who was encouraging her creativity when she was bored.  Thus began her journey to create.  Having a strong background in administrative skills has greatly assisted her in keeping her business clean and organized and also helps with the development of cards and scrapbooks. Charmelle will continue to work the business part time until her retirement from her full-time career in the administrative field for a Pension Fund.

Creatively Charming is an art and craft business that has four components — handmade cards and scrapbooks, crafting weekends, crafting workshops/training and speaking engagements.  Having provided handmade gifts to friends and family, several requests came to her to make gifts for others. “Providing the gift was a joy, but then friends and family began to pay me for my services.  Never imaging that people would pay for me to playing with paper, I began to ask if they would and the response was always the same — I wonder when you were going to start charging.  And so the journey began.”

Charmelle expressed that Empowered Women International  has provided her with the training needed to understand the entire dynamics of creating and developing a business.  When the steps and techniques taught in class are applied, you will be set up for success.

“EWI has taught me how to focus on specific pieces of my business which will generate the best revenue return while allowing me to continue to also craft other things I love as well.”

Thus far in the training course, Charmelle has enjoyed having resources available to her anywhere from finance to creative development. She also has benefited from connecting and networking with people who support her as she continues to develop and grow her passion for crafting.

By Jami McDowell, Community Partnerships Intern


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