Meet Carolina!

13 Jun
Carolina Guevara

Carolina Guevara


My name is Carolina Guevara. I am from Nicaragua. Estelí. I am the second child of five. Since my childhood, I loved to lead the construction of playhouses made with raw materials. My sisters, friends and cousins always asked for my suggestions to build and decorate their playhouses. I am gifted with an amazing imagination able to create wonderful experiences and things.

My life and work experience as an architect and urban planner in Nicaragua has shaped my social awareness. I have engaged with passion social projects that changed social, environmental and economic conditions of people. Now, I believe in my ability to guide the creation and promotion of healthy housing conditions. The actual gaps and dissonances related to housing accessibility and environmental concerns impulse my desire to be an entrepreneur. My innovative vision, understanding of diversity, peoples’ values, environmental and social needs, is my equipment to incorporate new sustainable alternatives of living. I feel encourage to participate in the complex, interrelated flows of everyday life of dwellings to heal some of those urban, environmental and socioeconomic scars.

ECO-HABITAT is the result of the gap I identify that needs to be solve. Eco-Habitat mission is to provide affordable and environmental friendly housing designs alternatives. Improve living standards and quality of public and environmental realm of low income families, people affected by natural disasters or those who want to embrace recycling, build from scratch harmony and respect to the environment.

As a child I was surrounded by precarious housing conditions of people in Nicaragua. Years later, I realized that governments in developed countries are struggling to finding assertive alternatives for people to have accessibility to purchase or rent a place to call home.  My professional experience has been intrinsically attached with finding solutions to social problem such as housing, educational and health infrastructures to mention some. Lack of healthy living conditions have stimulated the urgency to be a proactive actor to reduce this problem. I have been cooperating with organizations and local governments in finding feasible, effective ways to improve and increment housing chances to low income families.

My project is directed to a population living in mobile houses with terrible physical conditions. I wish I could create a partnership with local governments or other organizations responsible or concerned for the integral well being of their citizens. I want to develop a program accessible to everybody who needs to improve or access to housing not matter their situations in this country

EWI has guided me to deliver an inspirational and real business plan. This training also has helped to improve my confidence in Eco-habitat Sustainable as a real tool to improve integrally the well-being of people and environment.

“I love the engagement and support that Empowered Women International has given to us to make our business idea real. I can say that I found another family here. The energy, guidance and encouragement that I have received from trainers, guest speakers, students, and mentors increased my self-esteem, confidence and motivation to be a fearless woman.”
Carolina Guevara

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