Meet Angela!

13 Jun

Angela Sargent

Angela Sargent


Angela Sargents is a single mother of two sons. She started her business in 2007 after another job lay-off. She graduated from George Mason University in 2000 with a B.A. in Biology. Angela has self published two books. The first book is about her experience with domestic violence. The second book is a satire about the workplace. She is VERY passionate about raising awareness for domestic violence, parental alienation, and breast cancer.

Angela sells hand-knit scarves, hats, cell phone holders as well as greeting cards, inspirational plaques, and books. One holder she makes is a replica of one she made in honor of her friend who passed away from breast cancer. She donates part of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Angela plans to re-publish her book through another venue and donate part of the proceeds to domestic violence organizations.

The vision inspiration for Angela’s business idea came from her two sons. A.I.A. stands for Angela, Isaiah, and Aaron. They inspire her to make the world better and to inspire others to do the same.

Angela says that Empowered Women International has encouraged her to raise her product prices to what they are worth. EWI has also provided support through different speakers and mentors as well as contributed to new product ideas. Most importantly Angela says she has an increased self confidence.

Angela’s favorite things from her time in the Entrepreneur Training for Success course thus far has been the credit counseling class and personal session with Hilltop Initiative. She has also enjoyed all of the different ideas and place to market her work.

By Jami McDowell, Community Partnerships Intern


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