Special Thanks to Capital One For Their Help With The Biz Plan Review!

11 Jun

Spring 2013 students with Capital One advisors

With graduation for this semester’s students quickly approaching and business development plan pitch sent for this coming Saturday June 15th from 11:30am-2pm at Bethesda Regional Services Center we here at EWI would like to give a great thanks to our friends at Capital One. As students prepared their final presentations to their business plan propositions, a helping element was given to the participants of EWI. That element was provided by the financial advisors from Capital One who devoted their time by sitting down individually with the students to discuss and contribute feedback into the financial outlook of each business proposal.

Capital One Advisor sharing ideas with students

Capital One advisor sharing ideas with floralba and Jane


Capital One advisor with Reneta and Gabriela

The components that the students possessed during the session from finalized one-year and three-year P&L plans to having profit margins calculations ready for evaluation. As the session proceeded students were able to talk about the nature of their business and present the reasons as to which aspects of their development plans needed assistance, while other parts of their plans were already taken underway.

Financial awareness and organization is a significant component to not only the participants of EWI, but for any and every up-and-coming business. A clear methodology is key when establishing an business and a great way to do so is with the assistance of professional financial advisors. Advocacy for financial stability at the launching of a new business takes time and effort, but most importantly it requires a relatively fresh perspective from others who understand the advancement and growth of a business. With great appreciation, EWI wishes to thank all the business advisors from Capital One for their time to consult and their informational outlook as the  prepare for their amazing Business Plan Pitches this coming Saturday.

Written By Virlen Reyes, EWI Community Partnership Intern


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