Meet Julie!

11 Jun
Julie Park

Julie Park

How does one turn a childhood hobby into a business? Just ask Julie Park, owner of Julie & Rockstar Design: a knitting and crochet company. Julie’s unique clothing makes the perfect gift for family and friends, but she knows that there is more she can do with her talent. “Because this was my passion and something that came naturally to me,” she says, “I wanted to pursue it as a business.”

Julie makes a wide variety of items for women, children, and babies. Now, with the help of Empowered Women International, she is turning her handmade sweaters, hats, scarves, and other accessories into merchandise. “They are very resourceful with many talented individuals,” Julie says of her teachers. “This class is giving me the knowledge and the resources to apply it to my business so that I can be successful.”

In addition to lessons on how to be a thriving entrepreneur, Julie also gains connections and close-knit friendships with her classmates. “I enjoy all the women that are in the class who have their own talents and how we all support one another in our endeavors. My favorite thing is the support from everyone, from the office staff to the women in the class; it’s been really fun learning!”

By Sarah Webber EWI Volunteer


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