Meet Annette!

11 Jun
Annette McNeil

Annette McNeil

Born in Massachusetts into a large family, Annette McNeil moved quite a bit before settling back in Virginia.  Annette’s extraordinary journey began at a production company when she started drawing cartoon characters on T-shirts to enhance the sales of the company. Because she couldn’t get the effects she wanted, Annette decided to go to the Children’s Museum and the artists there helped her create a somewhat 3D version of her character. She found her signature material (foam) at an Arts & Crafts store, which allowed her to create unique handcrafted fashionable and one of a kind framed dolls. Initially she was gifting her products to family & friends; eventually she decided to create a business out of this talent naming it Sybil Dolls of Life. The clothings are all designed and created by using foam and various materials, and the background sceneries are all done with fabric.

Annette's Framed Foam Doll

Annette’s Framed Foam Doll

Another of Annette's Framed Foam Doll

Another of Annette’s Framed Foam Doll

All of her colorful dolls are strictly handmade (including the jewelry pieces), hence adding spirit and character to each piece. Creating these unique dolls require special skills, personal approach, time and energy. For Annette  “these dolls are both captivating and exciting and will touch your heart, mind and spirit.” She is inspired by her mother and grandmother both spiritual people and prophetess, she states “I named my dolls after these women and those that have long been forgotten. Thus, Sybil Dolls of Life.”

Coming to Empowered Women International has been a life-altering journey. In her own word “I love EWI, it has been amazing!  I have been introduced to so many talented and gifted people.  They understand the obstacles that tend to get in our way and make every attempt to be there for us.  This program is awesome!  EWI has opened a whole new world of self-sufficiency by connecting everyone to each other.  I will always be a part of EWI.  They inspire me to continue no matter what obstacles get in my way.  I am truly appreciative of this program. “



One Response to “Meet Annette!”

  1. Deborah Blank June 11, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    Annette’s dolls are magical!!! Full of emotion!!!!

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