Advantages In Using Social Media For Businesses Take Center Stage!

7 Jun
Sharmila Karmachandani

EWI’s  ETS Trainer, and previous Graphic Design Volunteer,  Sharmila Karmachandani, (Right) with guest speaker Hollyn Randolph.

Last Friday (May 31st), I had the opportunity to attend one of EWI’s ETS classes held in Bethesda, MD. It was a very interesting class as we had the privilege of learning from two guest speakers (Keasha Lee and Hollyn Randolph); both of whom shared with us the nuts and bolts of Social Media Marketing Strategies and how they can be used effectively to give a boost to our businesses. The class discussed about some of the well-known and widely used social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.) and some of the students also talked about their experiences in creating Facebook business page or using or WordPress to build beautiful websites of their own.


EWI’s Entrepreneurship Coach & Program Manager, Alexia Muchisu Wendel (Left) with Guest Speaker Keasha Lee 

In a world where information is at your fingertips, in which a touch or a swipe of an icon on the screen can easily and quickly retrieve information for you, you might be building a wall between your business and potential income if you are not using and participating in some form of social media platform to promote your business. I was quite astonished to learn about how important and significant “Yelp” plays in promoting one’s business. One student said her friend’s business is enjoying the benefits of a reputable Yelp business page as it is bursting with great customer reviews and comments, beautiful photos of the restaurant and other useful information for a potential customer who is viewing the page. As people become more connected via the web, it is equally important to have the right representation of yourself and of your company online. As one of the speakers mentioned,“content”is very important when you are building your own website.You want to make it “fresh”and have it “up-to-date”.

Students following social media presentation

EWI students engaged and following social media presentation

Viewers want to connect, engage and learn from another human being who is professional and can be related to. What I can take with me from this class was that there are many different forms of social media platforms and that they all work differently to enhance our visibility online. As a business owner, we need to be selective and informative about which ones we adopt as some are more preferably than others. Please find below are some of the websites and blogs shared during the class so that you can further equip yourself with more social media news and gigs.

Website:Entrepreneur, Mashable and Huffingtonpost

Blogs: Social Media Examiner, Heyo and Jeffbullas

By Su Hlaing Win Nu, EWI Volunteer


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