Meet Nishat!

6 Jun
Nishat Siddiqui

Nishat Siddiqui

For Nishat Siddiqui, it all began in the kitchen. She spent years in sales and marketing roles and wasn’t feeling fulfilled. She eventually found her fulfillment in food, Pakistani and Indian food specifically. This change came about as she cooked food for fundraising events and received many compliments on her cuisine. People even approached her asking for lessons on how to cook her dishes. As this is a part of her heritage, she began to realize her passion in creating and presenting Pakistani and Indian dishes and founded her own business, Nishat’s Kitchen.

Nishat’s Kitchen offers in-home cooking lessons and will expand to offer catering for small parties and events. Through this company, Ms. Siddiqui finds fulfillment in owning her own business and following her passion of food creation.

However, this entrepreneurial experience has had its own challenges and obstacles. Thankfully, Empowered Women International provided a platform for Ms. Siddiqui to regain her confidence, bounce business ideas off her classmates, and build her independence. She will cherish these moments and friendships and looks forward to her future growth!

– By Chelsea Collier, EWI Volunteer


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