Meet Floralba!

6 Jun
Floralba Camargo

Floralba Camargo

Floralba Camargo has a deep-rooted history in organization. For the past ten years, Ms. Camargo organized the homes of her friends and family and has now grown this into a business. She believes that an organized home life, which can often be an overlooked task, makes the world of a difference in an individual’s life. Organization eliminates a lot of chaos and confusion and suddenly frees up people’s time, allowing them to fully enjoy life without the frustration of an unorganized home. From where does her passion for organization come? It springs from her desire to help people live a happy life with less stress.

Empowered Women International (EWI) has allowed her to continue building her company with more confidence and empowerment. Her “business family” and friendships that blossomed from this class continue to provide a strong support system. She is grateful for all of the opportunities EWI created and looks forward to building a stronger and more secure future.

By Chelsea Collier EWI Volunteer


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