Inspirations Behind ETS Training & Mentoring

6 Jun

With graduation day approaching, we were curious to know from our mentors, trainers and business coaches: a) Why training or mentoring ETS students is important for them and  b) Has this interaction affected/impacted their lives?

The responses we received were heartwarming; it is encouraging to know that we are surrounded by people that are willing to sacrifice their precious time and energy to Empowered Women International and the cause it stands for.

The first response came from Howard Feinstein our Business Coach & Legal Adviser:

Howard Feinstein

Howard Feinstein

“I have spent most of my life, professionally and personally, in the civil rights arena, trying to make equal opportunity a reality for all in American, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, orientation, or other discriminatory classifications.  Working with immigrant and low-income women at Empowered Women International for the past couple of years has given me the most meaningful experience with regard to this cause since I was a civil rights attorney in the South, many years ago.  One reason for this is that, while our “official” mission at EWI is to train and prepare women to become successful entrepreneurs, we go the extra mile and stay involved in their lives for as long as it takes, dealing with whatever issues present themselves in their lives.

During difficult economic times, it is challenging enough to navigate the business world, particularly in an area as competitive as the capital region. Add to that factors such as language and cultural unfamiliarity; lack of access to start-up capital; limited educational background; and/or a history of oppression by husbands or partners, and it becomes clear that EWI’s clients need more than the standard classroom approach.  Unlike other well-meaning non profits, EWI will do whatever it takes to ensure that our students succeed.  If this means hanging in there with a woman for several years, we’ll do it.  If it means bringing in an attorney, a social worker, a financial adviser, or other outside assistance, that’s no problem.  If it means setting up a “buddy” system, in which a former student or mentor works one-on-one with an EWI graduate while a business is growing, we will make that happen.  This holistic approach is geared to ultimately equip our students with confidence they need to succeed not just as businesswomen, but as empowered individuals. – Howard Feinstein, EWI Board Member, Mentor, Trainer, Attorney, Musician, etc.”

The second response came from our  Mentor Christine Ollis:

Christine Ollis

Christine Ollis

“I have had the privilege of being a mentor to four amazing women participating in the Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS) program:  Dicey and Nneka Scroggins, Gabriela Garza and Nishat Siddiqui.  I was familiar with EWI and it’s great work, but I had never worked as a mentor before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  The experience was so fulfilling for me!!  I witnessed the determination of the students who have faced serious struggles, but remain committed to achieving their dreams.  The passion each woman has for their respective business goals was truly an inspiration to me.  The EWI curriculum is so well thought out, it made this very complex process of starting a business seem totally doable.  The women were also provided with the very best instructor, Sharmila Karamchandani, who guided us through the intense material with ease and wit.  I know these woman will succeed and I look forward to continuing to be a part of their journey.”

Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing for EWI.


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