Meet Dessertine (Tina)!

5 Jun
Dessertine Harvey

Dessertine Harvey


From R&B to TV shows, Dessertine Harvey’s company writes for it all. Her personal favorite lyrics to write? “Either Hip-hop or Country music,” she replies, “they are easy to write because they come from the heart.”

As a lifelong music lover and lyricist, it is no surprise that Tina would find herself as the owner of Dessertine Music Publishing: a lyrics-writing business that pitches songs to artists. “ I write lyrics. I do not write the music; someone else will write the music. I started writing lyrics when I was about ten years old. As a child, I connected with music and lyrics. I would sit for hours and listen to songs. I would analyze the songs and try to get inside the mind of the songwriter, question the mood of the songwriter and why he or she decided to write about certain subjects.”

Her passion for writing is fueled by the constant love and support of her teachers , classmates, guests and mentors at Empowered Women International. “They always tell you that you can do it,” she says. With the support of EWI, Tina is overcoming the major obstacles her business faces to ensure that her passion for music becomes a long and lucrative career.

By Sarah Weber, EWI Volunteer


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