Meet Cleopatra!

5 Jun
Cleopatra Magwaro

Cleopatra Magwaro

Originally from Zimbabwe, Cleopatra Magwaro began writing anthology of short stories while she was in law school in Australia. At the time, she was experimenting with prose and wanted to write poems that were reflective of her mood and love for Africa. As a writer Cleo has published an anthology of short stories “A Season’s Assemblage” using the process of oral storytelling infused with the literary genre. Besides her love for anthology, Cleo’s writing expertise also include freelance projects on global justice, international business law, global human rights issues and biographies.

Cleo’s sources of inspirations are the people that live around her. She has a desire to educate people on the African experience, which she describes as a “complex and robust journey filled with every imaginable achievement and challenge”. She wants to “reclaim the assumption of what it is to be African and be an innovative voice that forms an indelible effervescence in the mind of the reader which compels them to think and view the African experience in a new way”.

 Marga (left), Cleo (right) speaking at the WNDC Club

Marga (left), Cleo (right) speaking at the WNDC Club

Due to the solitary nature of writing, she needed to learn more about marketing her work and taking her ideas to the community. Cleo believes she has reclaimed her voice as a writer after coming to Empowered Women International.  She states  “I enjoy the fact that every weekly assessment ties in with my goals in a tangible way that produces results.” She believes that EWI is a gateway to different market resources and is now in a better position to take her anthology to the next level.



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