Meet “The Mother-Daughter Team” Dicey & Nneka!

4 Jun
Dicey Scroggins

Dicey Scroggins

Nneka Scroggins

Nneka Scroggins

Dicey and Nneka Scroggins are a mother daughter duo set to make a positive impact on the world. Though their career paths initially led them in different directions, as an economic analyst and essayist, they each came to realize their passion for the arts and humanity. Bringing together their skills in complimentary ways, they’ve co-founded Pinkie Hugs, a writing and film production firm specializing in social justice-focused documentaries. The Scroggins profile individuals and significant individuals, document movements and movements-in-the-making, and share really good stories in hopes that these stories will leave a positive impact on the world.

Empowered Women International has helped both of them to focus more sharply on pricing and social media strategies, and also plan fundraising activities. Both Dicey and Nneka have been challenged and grown through this experience and enjoyed the newly-formed relationships with their peers and classmates.

By Chelsea Collier EWI Volunteer


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