Meet Tenisha!

4 Jun

” Tenisha Campbell

Ms. Tenisha Campbell’s artistic vision blossomed through a wellspring of difficult circumstances. Her entrepreneurial journey began in Charlotte, North Carolina and has developed with great fervor in the DC area. In the midst of obstacles life threw her way, she felt God’s gentle encouragement to pursue fashion and design in order to seek peace and continue the healing process. For Tenisha, the foundation of her business “T-Simone Designes” rests on the ideas that it’s not what you go through but how you wear it.

Tenisha 1

Model wearing Tenisha’s creation

Tenisha dressing her model

Tenisha dressing her model









Ms. Campbell appreciates Empowered Women International and has found great refuge in its entrepreneurship program. The other women in the class provide a helpful sounding board for ideas and also useful, objective perspectives. Her initial reservations about the future have melted away as she grew to understand the responsibilities of a business owner. Each week she feels more empowered and she now embraces the future and its opportunity for prosperity.

By Chelsea Collier, EWI Volunteer


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