Meet Sarah!

3 Jun
Sarah Folts

Sarah Folts

Sarah Folts: entrepreneur, artist, and survivor. Her career started off after an unlikely experience. She grew up an active young adult as a competitive gymnast. During her teenage years she was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis, which became critical. After a multitude of surgeries,  she hit tremendous low points in her life.  But somehow she lifted herself out of it by developing a deep connection with nature, appreciating its simplicity and beauty in a way that she never saw before. She found refuge and happiness in her creativity and art. From this passion and artistic view of nature flourished a specific interest in butterflies and the freedom and beauty they represent.

Ms. Folts currently mounts and frames real butterflies, which she purchases from various butterfly sanctuaries. She also creates unique jewelry out of their wings, which she then sells on her website Flights of Fancy,” and also takes photographs of their natural existence in the wild. Her ultimate goal is to preserve nature’s greatest masterpiece through art while increasing awareness of the harm afflicted by humans on this species. To do so, she aspires to open her own shop and butterfly sanctuary in which she teaches people the importance of ecological stewardship.

EWI has provided her with a unique opportunity for growth. She entered the program struggling with plateaued growth and now understands her goals and how to accomplish them. The support and creative thinking from her mentors and fellow entrepreneurs in the class has given her a renewed sense of hope and vigor.

– By Chelsea Collier EWI Volunteer


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