Coach’s Corner – Book Launches and Writer’s Groups

28 May


By Howard Feinstein, EWI Board Member

A weekly blog for EWI students and graduates, passing along news, events, articles of interest, and tips on growing your business.  We are all on this journey together, and no one – certainly not yours truly – has all the answers.  Accordingly, I hope you will periodically contribute your ideas and news to this forum, c/o

Tuesday, May 28th

Thanks to all who made it out to the DC Martin Luther King Library on Tuesday May 21st for the wonderful presentation by our very own Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi, to launch her new book What Color Is Your Money. Tope graciously acknowledged the support she has received from EWI for her writing; of course, she has returned that support many times over by continuing to teach and advise our students on personal and business financial planning.  What Color Is Your Money is available at in both paperback and e-book formats.


I was highly  impressed with the way that Tope not only led a very informative and interactive discussion of her book, but used the opportunity to network effectively, as we have been emphasizing in this blog:

—She brought cards and attractive flyers describing her product;
—On each seat in the audience section, she placed a summary of the book’s main themes, as well as an exercise for those attending to participate in;
—She graciously signed every book purchased, and stayed to talk with customers;
—And, Tope followed up the very next day with personalized thank-you’s!

All-in-all, an excellent example of paying considerable attention to customer relations, and not just to the product itself .


This week, EWI took an exciting step in a new direction by being organizational work on our new EWI Writers Group.  To date, thirteen current and former students have  signed up to take part in a monthly meeting of EWI-affiliated writers – fiction and nonfiction authors; poets; songwriters; lyricists; spoken-word artists; and other writing genres.  This marks the beginning of a new phase of business development for us:  working closely together with others in the same field to share information on leads; networking opportunities; technological developments; marketing strategies; and anything else that might be helpful.  Anyone else who might be interested in joining us should contact me at, ASAP.   We will let everyone know as soon as we have established a day, time, and venue for these monthly get-togethers.  In addition to supporting our writers in a rapidly-changing, extremely challenging field, we hope to come up with a model of cooperative development for other business areas as well.


EWI Board Member, Deborah Blank highly recommends the CNBC Cable TV program “Crowd Rules.”  Current and past students of our ETS program will relate to this show, as it features would-be entrepreneurs competing before a panel of investors for backing for their businesses.  Come to think of it, this might not be a bad warm-up for those of you participating in EWI’s own business pitch day on Sat. June 15.

Until next week, best wishes to all, and keep in touch – none of this did this alone, and you don’t have to either.  Helping each other is not a job or a favor – it is our mission.

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