Clementine’s Floral Arragement Draws Praises

23 May

One of our ETS alumni and now mentor to our current students, Clementine Simmons was recently commissioned by our Advisory Board Members, Deborah Blank to custom design floral arrangements for her entryway.


Clementine delivering her custom flower arrangement

The result? A pleasant surprise and lots of praises for a job well done!

Here’s what Deborah had to say about Clementine’s wonderful floral arrangement:

009“I first saw Clem’s floral arrangements on her table at the ETS graduation and was thrilled to see such style and color sense – not to mention experience her personal charisma.  Wow! I immediately wanted to help her grow her business!  What better way than to spruce up my totally B-O-R-I-N-G hallway at home with a new and dramatic floral arrangement.  Clem carefully questioned me about my tastes and expectations and began choosing some possible vases which she photographed and sent to me.  I wanted a “light, summery look” and the porcelain basket with a slight Asian flair was perfect.  We talked about airiness, which was important, and the fact that I love cherry blossoms.  Here’s what she came up with!  When I saw her walking gingerly up the path to my home with this GORGEOUS arrangement, I couldn’t help but clap and cheer!  I love looking at it both from the stairs as I descend, and when I enter the hallway from the front.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE such color and lightness makes! Of course  I’m going to want a different one for each season….”

Beautiful addition to the entryway! Deborah Blank and Clementine Simmons

Clementine will soon be joining our Grow My Business program and it will be a wonderful thing to see her grow further and blooms in her business endeavors.


One Response to “Clementine’s Floral Arragement Draws Praises”

  1. Charmelle Clark May 23, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Absolutely gorgeous. Its amazing. I cannot stop smiling. Clementine is currently my mentor in the ETS class and I love getting ideas from her. She is a breathe of fresh inspiration. I adore her.

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