Marga Fripp in Montgomery College Publication

17 May

As a stand-out graduate of Montgomery College, EWI Founder & Visionary Marga Fripp has been featured in the college’s publication about her story and Empowered Women International. With an oversize picture of an always-smiling Marga, the article talks about her life story, how she traveled from Romania to a foreign country that would become later on her permanent home and the abode to her biggest dream.

Marga Fripp on the Montgomery College publication

Marga Fripp on the Montgomery College publication

From simply wishing to find ways to integrate, to helping and teaching other women to pursue their creative talents, then to founding Empowered Women International, Marga has mobilized and transformed hundred of women into savvy business women and community leaders. Her determination, passion, energy, and creativity has helped her and EWI succeed throughout these past ten years and beyond. Her story never ceases to amaze and ignite interest; she is the ultimate embodiment of success, accomplishment and hope. Her story is a quintessentially American story.

We thank the Montgomery College for including our Marga into their publication and a huge shout out goes to all the people who work tirelessly towards EWI’s success!

Photo courtesy of Ernesto Rivera, to learn more about him go to his personal blog:

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