Synthia’s Home Party – A Perfect Day for a Perfect Event

1 May

On Saturday April 17th, one of our board members, Synthia Woodcock-Dang opened her home to welcome friends and acquaintances to introduce them to EWI. The home party was to include an artisan marketplace, light refreshments, sharing information vital to our mission, and some fun times.


Synthia’s dining room turned into an EWI marketplace

When I showed up at the house in Silver Spring, Maryland at about 10am, a welcoming Synthia led me to the dining room where Marga and Alexia were already setting up shop, and Velma adorning her dress forms with her colorful and vibrant aprons.

As I rushed to help them finalize the set up, Synthia’s guests started showing up and were immediately drawn to the displayed products. Some were interested in Mercedes’s jewelry, others were into Velma’s’ aprons, Mariam’s colorful bags, and Elda & Lyzbeth’s D’Ellizia cake pops. Others were interested to hear how EWI impacted and transformed the lives of women entrepreneurs.


Velma’s colorful, one-of-a-kind aprons

Mariam's Bags

Mariam’s Kanga cloth handmade bags

By 12pm Synthia’s kitchen was full to its capacity with more guest coming in to pleasantly socialize and sign up on our mailing list. Synthia took center stage to address the guests and make a formal introduction of herself, who has been a long-time supporter of EWI and has been involved in numerous ways, and to introduce Marga and EWI.

Taking up after Synthia was Marga who slowly and clearly conveyed her goals, visions and the back-story of EWI’s conception.

Marga sharing her story

Marga sharing her story


Elda & Lyzbeth showcasing D’Ellizia Fun Caks

She also took time to introduce our graduates who shared their personal struggles, what led them to EWI and life transformations after the programs, while at it you can discern our guests faces gushing astonishment and awe at the amazing stories they were hearing.

After the presentation, Synthia led the guests out in the backyard for some light snacks and lemonade, with smooth jazz playing in the background, breeze caressing our souls, and an amazing garden waiting to embrace us all.


Refreshments in the beautiful backyard

Saying it felt like paradise could be an understatement; it was the perfect day for a perfect event that inspired strength, possibility, and accomplishment. It highlighted the indomitable endurance of all women, and the inspiration of EWI’s women entrepreneurs.

Group photo with EWI staff, graduates, Marga, and board members

ETs grads, staff, and board members with Synthia (second from right)

Thank you Synthia for opening your doors to EWI and being such a gracious host! And thank you to all the guests who were there who made the day memorable and blessed. It was a great day.



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