Jami McDowell’s Inspiring Song, “Walk in Her Shoes”

17 Apr

To say that Jami McDowell, our spring Community Partnerships intern has a talent for music is an understatement. Her voice is angelic, full of love from the heavens. For Spring2Action, we wanted Jami to sing a song, any song she wanted. What she came back with was more than extraordinary. She wrote a song (in an hour before she shared it with us). It moved us to tears and motivated us to action.

Sister across the sea
I want to show you what I see
Sister, come near
We have the same heart beat

Let’s walk a mile in the same shoes
Let’s walk a mile in the same shoes
Have you walked a mile in her shoes

The song Walk in Her Shoes was inspired by being passionate about empowering women and it was her way to give back. The song reflects her feeling that women are connected. We support each other. We are different but so similar in that way.

Let your voice be heard. Let’s all walk in the shoes of all empowered women.

The women EWI supports are brave, courageous and talented. Yet they live at or below the poverty line, dealing with extraordinary life challenges.

Your gift will change lives, and together, we’re giving new hope and creating opportunity for all.

Please give in this last hour: http://spring2action.razoo.com/story/Empowered-Women-International


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