Spring2Action on April 17 to Empower Women!

4 Apr

Dear Friends,

Every once in a while we have an opportunity to transform everything; to make dreams happen, and lift out of poverty and isolation more women, families and communities than ever before.

This opportunity is a chance to make a real impact. And you are a critical part of this effort.

Empowered Women

Nadia Janjua, Artist- Fine Art Exhibition and Limited Edition Prints, Jewelry and Accessories

On Wednesday, April 17th, our community will come together for 24 hours of unprecedented giving to support the important work of Alexandria charities through Spring2ACTion. The event is hosted by ACT for Alexandria and ACTion Alexandria dedicated to help Alexandria’s nonprofits solve critical problems.

Help us meet our goal to raise $55,500 on April 17 to provide 30 entrepreneurship scholarships for immigrant, refugee and low-income women.

Each scholarship includes 60 hours of business start-up training, Entrepreneur Training for Success, 30 hours of mentoring, coaching and support services, networking opportunities and access to micro-loans of up to $5,000 per start-up.

S2A 3

Aida Mady, Gourmet Chef Entrepreneur- Egyptian Cuisine from the Ancient Time to the Modern Day

Last year, with your generous donations, we raised $24,000; $15,804 in donations from 414 donors and an additional $7,500 in prizes. We came in first place for individual fundraiser, in second place for most individual donors, and third place for most dollars out of 72 nonprofit organizations.

Spring2ACTion is our opportunity to team up and raise funds that educate and empower women to carve new pathways to independence through entrepreneurship. Learn more about Spring2Action.

S2A 2

From left to right: Ron and Marty Cordes, Marga Fripp, Kate Campbell Stevenson, and Jan Piercy

Make a donation of minimum $10 on April 17th to Empowered Women International. Your tax-deductible gift will give us a chance to win up to $30,000 in grants and prizes.

Together we can ensure that immigrant, refugee and low-income women continue to find meaningful ways to make a living, inspire their children and pursue the American Dream.

Please share this with your friends and networks, tweet about it, share it on linkedin and put it on your facebook page. Thank you very much for all you do to empower women.

Onward and Upward!

Marga C. Fripp
Founder & Chief Visionary
Empowered Women International


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