ETS Students Share Their Vision

2 Apr

Last night I attended my first ETS class. It was to be a special one, I was told.  I went in partially unsure of what to expect but knew the ladies had some extraordinary talents to share that evening.  As the chairs slowly filled, our lead trainer Sharmela gave an opening speech on how meaningful that evening’s session will be for the women.  The goal was on guiding them to materialize their ideas into concrete business-oriented concepts that can lead them towards entrepreneurial success.


To do that, their homework assignment for the evening was in presenting their vision boards that they had created. A vision board is basically an image-filled platform where they would lay out their ideas, aspirations, inspirations, goals, approaches, tools, and so much more, whatever they want to add to make their dreams a reality.


A few of the vision boards

The homework brought out the best in everyone; I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of energy, inspiration, and talent I was witnessing. As our first presenter Kira laid out her graphic digital artwork, it was clear that the women had all it takes to be both artists and entrepreneurs. From Sarah’s framed butterflies, to Annette’s foam doll displays, and to Cleopatra’s striking quote from her own self-published book, one by one they were unveiling their business ideas, displaying before our eyes boards and cutouts filled with beautiful, artistic and creative images.


Tenisha Campbell’s Clothing/ Styling Creation Frame


Sarah Folts displaying her Mounted & Framed Butterflies Vision Board


Annette McNeil presenting her Images for Earth Art Forms vision board; Sharmila displaying Annette’s foam doll frames.

Time being the only constraint,  they had only two minutes to present their visions. I was pleased to also witness the level of support and interaction as well as their determination not to leave anything vague and unanswered.


Kira Washington displaying her graphic design work; looking on are Sharmila Karamachandani, Charlene Gatewood, Cleopatra Magwaro, and Annette McNeil.

By and large, it was a heart warming as well as an enlightening session. For about an hour I was subconsciously transported into their world, only to be awakened by Sharmela’s call of “time’s up!”  It was indeed a special evening.


Tenisha Campbell demonstrating her clothing creations.

Thank you Sharmila and all our students who made the evening amazing and a huge success.



One Response to “ETS Students Share Their Vision”

  1. Sharmila April 2, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    Thank you Hanna. It was really nice to have you in the class and help out with documenting everyone’s work. You have described your experience so beautifully…Reading your post also reflects on the beauty of your mind. You captured the true essence of this class. Thank you for such openness and all your help. Really Glad to have you on our team.

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