Thank You Hilltop Microfinance Initiative!

1 Apr

Last week was the first financial empowerment class and it brought out the best of both our students and our guest speakers, much to the delight of all of us here at EWI!  The session entitled “Building and/or Repairing Your Credit Score” aimed at informing our women on how to manage personal finances before making a leap in the complex entrepreneurial world. As they think about their creative products or services and their marketing skills, needless to say finance will play a great role in their future success.

2013-03-27 05.38.27

Dawn, Chris, David, Mike, Sankalp, Laura and Alyssa from The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, a team of highly professional Georgetown University students were there to present some powerful slides on how to interpret those daunting credit reports among other things. Leaving out jargon and intimidating financial concepts, our guest speakers were able to convey simple yet powerful ideas and approaches on how to fix credit scores, how to deal with debt collectors, and most importantly how to manage finances on a daily basis.

2013-03-27 05.38.37

With fresh poise and a dynamic energy, our guest speakers were able to engage our students, patiently answer their questions and share their knowledge in a lively and interactive manner.

Giving accolades to The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative team, lead trainer Sharmila expressed, “You were very approachable and broke down some very intimidating aspects of the financial world into simple-to-understand words… It was a very powerful…positive and engaging session on such a topic most people have a difficult time to speak about.” In concurrence with Sharmila, Marga also noted how the team “all did an outstanding job presenting, engaging and addressing complex questions and real life experiences our women clients are dealing with.”

2013-03-27 05.34.31

Overall it was a life changing, community building, and an uplifting session that will lead our students and most of us to financial freedom. Thank you Hilltop Microfinance Initiative!

By Hanna Yamir, Program Associate Intern

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