Mentors Get Oriented to Spring

26 Mar

Spring is here, and our ETS Mentors are more than ready to jump-start the season with radiating enthusiasm and a sense of fulfillment as they look forward to sharing their knowledge and ideas with our new Spring ETS students. On Monday, March 18, our returning and new volunteer mentors got together to introduce themselves, discuss the program, and how to create an environment of support.


Deborah Blank, Mentor Coordinator, leads the orientation.

The orientation and discussion outlined some of the major components of the program, as well as the importance of building a community of mentors with an emphasis on networking, interacting, and empowering women to express their thoughts, ideas, and boosting their confidence. Along with training women to be business savvy, the focus will also be on supporting their creativity and pushing them to develop clarity with their products and services.

One of the most important lessons I learned from the discussion was how determined women, equipped with the right ideas and creativity, can uplift not just their selves and families but the entire community and nation. While the program will serve as a medium to discover their full potential with their business (with the extraordinary support of our mentors, trainers, and guest speakers), it motivates them to surpass any challenge along the way, and in turn, be more civically engaged.


Clementine Simmons (Mentor), Chris Ollis (Mentor), Eileen Kessler (Mentor), Alexandra Standal (Development Associate), Sharmila Karamchandani (Lead Trainer), Charlene Gatewood, Deborah Blank (Mentor Coordinator and Board Advisory), Mariam Mohamed (2012 ETS Graduate), and Marcela Kogan (Mentor)

Thank you to all our amazing mentors and the time and talents you’re giving to our new class of women entrepreneurs!

By Hanna Yamir, Program Associate Intern


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