EWI Women Holding up Half the Sky…

11 Mar

Dear Readers,

“Women hold up half the sky” the Chinese saying goes.

   Women also hold together our communities…

I see them in their actions as the keepers of our stories, celebrating our traditions, keeping our history alive and contributing to the cultural fabric of this nation.

   Women are at the forefront of our local economy…

Whether this means they own the corner flower shop or the small neighborhood bakery, or they teach kids in after school programs, women prove to be incredible innovators, problem solvers, and community leaders.

At EWI, we seek those women who might not have the resources needed to make ends meet, yet they have indomitable spirit, determination, and human potential.

We’ve learned that by making a direct investment in women through entrepreneurship, mentoring and support services, often in a time of challenge or opportunity in their lives, we set a new course for their future.

Seventeen women are now enrolled in our Spring Entrepreneur Training for Success.

The program starts on March 23 and is offered in two locations, in Alexandria, VA and Bethesda, MD.

A few more spaces are still available to an immigrant, refugee or a low-income woman ready to launch her micro-business. Scholarships are offered to low-income qualified applicants.

Know of someone who is in need of our assistance? Now is the time to send her our way!
Here is the link to our online application to pass along.

You are about to change someone’s life!

Thank you for all your support.

Onward and Upward!


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