Join EWI’s Mentor Team!

20 Feb

Passionate about Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship? We need You!

The women chosen for entrepreneurship by EWI embody America’s promise that a better life can be created by anyone with drive and support.  For me, the support part happens on many levels:  business mentoring, confidence-building, and skills transfer.  As a former entrepreneur, I can channel my expertise and desire to “do good” directly into women’s futures. – Deborah Blank, Mentor

Without this class, my business plans would not exist. The coaches and mentors have been the best. They have been encouraging, motivating, and especially patient with me and work well considering that English is my second language and I don’t have formal education in business. -Maggie (Maggie and her mentor Deborah)

Mentors are vital to the success of our women entrepreneurs.

We are looking for mentors to serve in training programs in Alexandria, VA and Rockville, MD. Mentors provide guidance, support and encouragement to women students to help them develop and launch a micro-business.

Our students are talented and high-potential micro-entrepreneurs. Many are artists, painters, designers, musicians, dancers, weavers, bakers, chefs, and other creative social entrepreneurs.

Mentors Qualifications


  • Pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Demonstrated success in business and/or leadership
  • Passion for empowering women entrepreneurs
  • Cultural competency, empathy, and good mentoring abilities

Mentor candidates must have one or more of the following:

  • Mentoring experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience (owned own business, had leadership position at a business or worked in a family business)
  • Industry experience in any of the following: fine art, craft, performing art, photography, graphic design, web design, food, consulting, fashion, beauty, home-based business,
  • Functional experience in marketing, sales, social media, product design, strategy, operations, accounting, finance, and/or business plan review

Click here to learn more about mentor responsibilities and to learn how to apply for consideration to join our mentor team!


One Response to “Join EWI’s Mentor Team!”

  1. Deborah Blank February 20, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    To all potential mentors: You will ABSOLUTELY make a difference in a woman’s life by mentoring her!!!! And, you will learn SO much about current trends in business, social media, lean start-up practices, etc.

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