Want to give EWI $1,000 without spending a dime? Here’s your chance!

14 Jan

Want to help EWI raise $1,000 without spending a dime? This week you can!

ACTion Alexandria, with support from the Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation, has launched the Make Us Your Favorite Contest.  The contest will run from Monday, January 14 at 9:00am to at 5:00pm on Friday, January 18.

If EWI has the most “favorites” by 5:00pm on Friday we’ll win $1,000 to empower more women through entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise development!

Read below to find out how to “favorite” us.

If you don’t have an account…

1.       Create an ACTion Alexandria account at this link: http://www.actionalexandria.org/user/register

2.       Look for your account verification email from info@actionalexandria.org

3.       Verify your account by clicking on the account verification link in the email.

4.       Change your password by clicking on “My Account” link under “My Action Tools”.

5.       Click on “Organizations” on the navigation bar

6.       Search for organizations alphabetically or via keywords, issue and/or neighborhood

7.       Select Empowered Women International to add as a Favorite

8.       Once you’re on our page, just click “Add to Favorites”!

You can also create an account by “signing in with facebook!”

1. Visit this link

2. Click “Connect”

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

facebook favorite us


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