Meet Dinelles!

7 Dec


Dinelles was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. She came to the United States in 1996 with her siblings and stepmom. Her mother was a single mother, but she believed in giving even when things were hard. Dinelles attributes her own desire to create and give, from this generous affinity of her mother.

Growing up, her mother tried time and time again to grow a “forget-me-not” plant but for some reason, it never grew.

“I remember watering it each day hoping that one day, I will wake up and see some flowers on it but I never saw even one flower on it. So that is where I got the idea to use the forget-me-not flower as an emblem for my products”.

Dinelles’ company, UnFORgettables, is a handmade crafting business that makes cakes, but not the kind that you eat.

“I make my cakes out of diapers, towels, napkins, baby items and linen. I also make other items such as cupcakes, bouquets, bags, bassinets, rattles, guitars, motorcycles, castles, and any other custom requests”.

These beautiful arrangements resemble our favorite things in life, but are comprised of wonderful gifts.

“It means the world to me knowing that my products will bring happiness and joy to someone’s face and that they will remember it forever”.

Her inspiration for UnFORgettables came when she was pregnant with her second child in 2008, “I was put on bed rest decided to plan my own baby shower because I was tired of sitting at home with nothing to do. My cousin who was helping me told me about diaper cakes and I decided to make one for myself. It tuned out so beautiful and everyone really liked it. Ever since then, I have been making it for family and friends and truly enjoy making them”.

Soon thereafter, Dinelles decided to enroll in EWI’s ETS class, citing being “tired and frustrated of not knowing how to make any income with my products”.

“I wanted to know where and how to start my own business but all the information on the information on the internet seems to be missing something. I stayed at work late one evening researching on the internet determined to find something that will help me and that is how I ended up joining EWI.”

Now, with just a few days until graduation, Dinelles reflects on her time with EWI, and recalls what has been the most important lesson she has learned.

What I have taken away from the training is believing that I can make it and that I have a product that will sell if I work harder and never give up. My faith and passion in my business has increased tremendously and I owe it all to the training”.

As her company grows, Dinelles aspires to become a vendor for hospital gift shops across the country, and eventually internationally.  Further aspirations include starting her own line of organic baby blankets and burp clothes.

“The creativity is my favorite part. Being able to create and design new, unique, and exciting gifts out of simple everyday products is my joy. I like the uniqueness and different approach that I add to gifts so that the giver will feel a sense of pride in having presented such a unique and functional gift”.

Dinelles currently lives in upper Marlboro, MD with her “wonderfully supportive husband and three lovely children”.

Best of luck to you, Dinelles.

– Jeremy Brandt-Vorel
Media and Outreach Intern




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