Meet Trinidad!

6 Dec


Trinidad Coopman is from Santiago, Chile and her home-catering business “La Serena” is named after her hometown of Serena, where her entire family comes from as well as many of her timeless recipes. Serena translates to “calm” in Spanish, which is exactly how Trinidad wants her clients to feel when they hire her to cater for home parties and everyday household food.

Trinidad is not only a self-taught chef, but also a visual artist, who enjoys cooking and sees it as an art. Her food products are diverse, ranging from savory entrees and appetizers to sweet cakes and chocolates. Her dishes are made with all natural ingredients and more importantly, a lot of heart. The most popular feature items have been the Chilean style cheese or spinach and ricotta empanadas and the Tres Leches Cake.

Trinidad wants to eventually expand her talents and open a business where she can sell her sweets, wraps, and hang her art pieces on the wall and put them for sale.  Trinidad has used the EWI course to help her structure her business. She has now set goals that are completely realistic and is working towards reaching them. She claims that she has also learned that she has a special talent for marketing and really enjoys talking to people, networking and selling directly to the public.

EWI has had a great impact on Trinidad’s business vision. According to Trinidad, “Every class was very educational, but it was also fun. We would share personal experiences and it was nice to hear that other women are going through similar situations. I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my business thanks to all the knowledge that I acquired in the ETS class.”

With her extroverted personality, Trinidad not only wants to deliver a good, but also provide a service—making her customers happy and full of delicious and gourmet food.


A very special and heartfelt thank you goes to Trinidad for her generous contribution of 100 fortune cupcakes for the 10 Year Anniversary Benefit! Her cupcakes were a delight to all our guests and received with rave reviews. Thank you, Trinidad!

Mina Alemzadeh
Alexandria ETS Intern


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