Meet Rashunda!

6 Dec


Rashunda is an “inspiring entrepreneur who desires to build an enterprise of various businesses”.  She has been modeling for 12 years and hopes to one day open a modeling agency of her own.

Rashunda sells a new comfort-brand of women’s shoes that enhances foot health.

“My product is unique and will change the way women view footwear and their health”.

” My favorite part about my product is the uniqueness of incorporating fashionable stylish shoes with comfort.  I value the aspect of educating women on the importance of foot health”.

Rashunda cites her father as a major inspiration for her entrepreneurial pursuit.

” I decided to name my first business in honor of his memory.  My family also encouraged me to launch my own shoe line.  I vision that I will create a new niche in the market and leave a legacy for inspiring entrepreneurs”.

With inspiration from her family, Rashunda found her way to EWI, and decided to enroll in Entrepreneur Training For Success classes.

“I joined EWI’s Entrepreneur for Success; because it seemed like a wonderful opportunity for me to jump start my business.  I prayed for God to guide me in the right direction in drafting my business plan and finalizing my market.  My cousin Clem  told me about the program and how it really helps you to launch your business.   I decided to join and I am happy that my prayers were answered and now I can walk out on faith in pursuing my dreams”.

In reflecting upon her time in the ETS classes, Rashunda believes her most important lessons came from face-to-face time with mentors.  She specifically thanks mentorship partners like Capital One, who’s “sessions were very beneficial” to help her “learn valuable information [to] apply to my business and life”.

“I am leaving inspired more than ever to start this journey in my life.  I have more confidence in myself and the goals I have for the business.  I can speak intelligently about my business and where I see this business going in the near future.”

Rashunda one day dreams to have a Fortune 500 company, with opportunities in retail, manufacturing, and enterprise industries.

We hope you make the cover of Forbes, Rashunda. Best of luck.

Jeremy Brandt-Vorel
Media and Outreach Intern


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