Meet Chithra!

5 Dec


Chithra Jeyaram is an award winning documentary filmmaker. She feels compelled to communicate the realities of life as it unfolds, focusing on nuances that cannot be dwelled upon or deliberated in mass media. Through her films she hopes to break societal barriers, build bridges, change attitudes and take risks. Life is full of challenges and it is these challenges that validate life. Some people inhabit the stories and Chithra feels honored to share these compelling stories with the rest of the world through her films.

Chithra’s first exposure to filmmaking began in 2004 with a failed attempt to fund a film about an explosive water-sharing dispute between two southern states in India. Deeply affected by that experience, she quit a decade-long career as a Physical Therapist and plunged herself into the world of filmmaking. Shortly thereafter, she received a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from University of Texas.

Chithra is the founder and creative director of Real Talkies, a boutique production house in the Washington DC metropolitan area. “Real Talkies” creates fresh and meaningful films to inform, inspire and educate people about issues that shape our lives and contemporary culture.She joined EWI to establish the business side of her film production. Real stories…Lasting impressions!” Chithra’s tagline truly encompasses her work as a filmmaker. “People crave authentic stories and we deliver it. We make real and impactful films for a global community of citizens, activists, non-profits, organizations and socially-conscious businesses,” said Chithra.

Her favorite moment in the course was the business plan pitch. “It was amazing seeing the clarity and specificity in all of our business ideas and the confidence in our delivery.”

Chithra loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures, practices and paradigms. We are so glad that she enjoyed her experience with EWI and we and we can’t to see her achieve her dream of making ground-breaking films that will become a part of the social fabric of our society!

– Charlia Acree
  Rockville ETS Intern



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