With style and Grace!

4 Dec


Grace is the creator of Oracle Ink, a business that focuses on the writing of personalized inspired messages to individuals and for audiences during important life events.

Grace specializes in anything from song lyrics, excerpts to be read at funerals, and poems for all occasions. Grace started her business in order to utilize her talent for language while also fulfilling her desire to encourage and help people through sharing her gift for writing.

Grace learned about the Entrepreneur Training for Success program at Empowered Women International through a close friend who has always believed in Grace’s talent. Her friend found the program online and encouraged Grace to take the step and apply. Grace explains the feeling she still cherishes of “having someone in your corner cheering you on.”

When reflecting back on the program, Grace recalls a particularly inspiring presentation given by Tom Block. When she asked him what his creative process was like, she remembers him saying, “The muse visits those who show up to work.” Grace says that’s what she wrote in her notebook, and it has been an incredible motivation throughout her time in the ETS program.

Grace hopes that her determination and love for her craft will continue to evolve,

“Like me, it can only improve and get better with age! The more I learn, grow, and elevate, the better I am for myself, my self-expression of my business, and the application of the wisdom and experience I gain along the way from my customers!”

When looking towards the future, Grace envisions herself being, “gratefully solvent,” and turning a livable profit from her passion. She hopes for a loyal client base, and one that keeps growing so she may continue to share her talent with others.

– Samantha Hohl
Video and Film Intern


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